Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Disney Party Boards - Happy Birthday Mickey!

Today is a very special day! It's Mickey's Birthday and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than a Disney Party Board!

Happy 86th Birthday Mickey Mouse!

  1. Mickey Food Table - There are so many things I love about this food table from Hostess With The Mostest! I love the simplicity of it, not too many patterns or designs, just an awesome chalkboard art as the focal point. Even the choice of platters and containers allow the food to be the star.
  2. Mickey Cups - So cute and simple! I'm Quite Crafty did a great job, and you could even add real white buttons for some added texture.
  3. Mickey Name Sign - ...At Studio D did such a great job with this name sign designed with Mickey in mind. It's designed using a wood board with letters you can find in your local arts and crafts store. 
  4. Mickey Rice Krispy Treats - Why not bring some of your favorite Disney Parks snacks into the party, just like The Blairs did. Here we have a perennial favorite of rice krispy treats, but you could do your favorite cupcakes or candy apples or even a dole whip!
  5. Mickey Cupcakes - These cupcakes from The Sellers are adorable, and very doable. Remember cupcake wrappers lose their color when you bake the cupcakes. You can use white cupcake wrappers for baking then place them in a new red wrapper after they have cooled.
  6. Mickey Photo Booth - I love this Mickey Frame that K+P=3 used for their birthday party. You can find lots of Mickey photo props on the Internet to make yourself, or you can always purchase some on Etsy. The key to great pictures from a photo booth is a good backdrop. Black and white Mickey wrapping paper or fabric would work great, for an even simpler verson chose plain red. 
  7. Mickey Utensils - Alisha Kay Designs on has these cute cutlery sets for sell on Etsy and what could be simpler than just opening the box and displaying them? If you want to make your own version, recreating them should be pretty simple and it's something you can do ahead of time so you don't have to worry about making them on the day of the party. 
  8. Mickey Trail Mix - The Blairs did it again with this trail mix that is a nod to Mickey. I think the key to making this so cute is the red, yellow and brown M&M's, so be sure to add plenty. More chocolate is never a bad thing!!
  9. Mickey Pizza - This pizza made by My Boys & Their Toys is almost too cute to eat! To make it even better - everyone loves pizza so it's a crowd pleaser too!
  10. Mickey Cake - How awesome is this cake - and the link is to a tutorial from Rose Bakes so you can make your own Mickey cake, complete with mouse ears!
  11. Mickey Pretzel Rods - Another favorite from Goody's Candy Company here - and Robyn's Online World has a tutorial for making them at home. Dipped pretzels are so cute, but they are really easy to do.
  12. Mickey Sandwiches - Kara's Party Ideas is one of my go to sites when planning these party boards. I knew I would find something, like these Mickey Icon sandwiches, I just had to put on this party board.
  13. Mickey Bowling - Here's a party activity that is so easy and fun! Stack toilet paper rolls that had been marked to spell out Mickey Mouse.  Have the kids knock them over throwing or rolling a ball. Another great idea I found at Kara's Party Ideas!
  14. Mickey Fruit Salad - Watermelon is always a hit with kids -and me!! Use your cookie cutters to make Mickey shapes and add with other favorite fresh fruits to make a easy and healthy addition to the party fare. Thanks again Kara!
  15. Mickey Favors -  These cute little party favors (which double as decor) are from Stinkystuff's shop on Etsy. You could make your own version using red, black and yellow jelly beans with a "thank you" tag attached.
  16. Mickey Invitation - These vintage Mickey invitations from CartaCoture on Etsy are fabulous! I would love to have them for a party of my own!
  17. Mickey Bean Bag Toss - The Sellers made this bean bag toss from cardboard.  Have a line for preschoolers, one for young kids and one for bigger kids.  Fun Mickey prizes from Dollar Tree or Walmart are easy to find.
If you have any Mickey Birthday Party ideas to share I would love to hear them.  You can share them in the comments below.
Happy Happy Birthday Mickey!  I hope you have a Magical Day filled with Pixie Dust!!

Donna Kay

Monday, November 17, 2014

10 Reasons You Should Like The WDW Guru Donna Kay on Facebook

I would love for you to follow my WDW Guru Donna Kay Facebook page! Why should you? Great question!

From great tips and tricks to the latest in special offers and refurbishments, I always try to have great info available for novice to seasoned travelers.  If there's anything you would like to see there just let me know!

Have a Magical Day!
Donna Kay

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Why A Girls Walt Disney World Trip Is At The Top Of My Disney Bucket List

I live in Alabama, we don't have a lottery - all the states that surround us do.  When the lottery gets up to $100 million + Mike and I will cross the state line to give it a shot.  We have an agreement, I get to go on a Girls Walt Disney World Trip with Beth D., Beth G. & Didi and he gets to go shoot doves in Argentina.  Unfortunately, we haven't won that lottery yet, so on to plan B, save money so that one day we can make that happen.  So why is that the #1 thing on my Disney Bucket List list? Here's why, and just so you know, it should be on the top of your list too.

Me time.

I am a Mom and Wife with everything that entails - laundry, cooking, dishes, cleaning toilets, ect.  I work a lot, and I put my heart and soul into everything I do with those jobs, my brain is always on.  I do for others first and put myself last.  That's not a complaint, just who I am. But in between the laundry and favors and work you start to lose site of who you really are.  Everyone needs me time, I am giving myself permission to have some Me Time.

Stepping out of my comfort zone.

It's so easy to stay in our safe little corner doing what we always do. The best friends are the ones who help push us out of that comfort zone to discover new and wonderful things. Let's face it, we are more adventurous with our friends than we are with our family. Whether it's trying a new dish, running your first 5K, riding Twilight Zone ToT or dancing the night away, stepping out of your comfort zone can be really fun.

It's a judgement free zone.

Every adult Disney fan out there knows "the look."  It's the one you get anytime you tell a non-Disney friend, coworker or family member that you're going to Disney.  It's usually accompanied by "Again?", "Why?" or a shake of the head.  One of the most awesome things about a Girls Walt Disney World Trip is that these friends will be as excited about it as you are, they understand why you want to wear Mickey ears and they are the first ones to want to ride Dumbo or Peter Pan's Flight with you and post pictures on Twitter, FB and Instagram.

You can relax and just be yourself.

Whether you prefer to relax by the pool, go to Senses for a spa treatment or spend an hour looking through everything at Walt Disney-One Man's Dream you can just be you and they will understand. You don't have to impress them or play hostess or lose those last 5 (or 20) pounds. You can laugh together and make fabulous new memories with wonderful friends and go home a better wife, mother, employee or travel professional for it.

I am so excited!! I am going to be making a small part of this Disney Bucket List item come to fruition in February when I run my 5K with Didi at the Princess Half.  We are rooming with Stacey and it's be so much fun planning ADRs and FastPasses.  While this may be our first time meeting face to face, I am quite sure we will be comfortable and relaxed from the beginning. I will call this my mini Girls Trip. :)

Have a Magical Day!!
Donna Kay


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Disney Quote of the Week

This week's quote resonates with me, particularly as I embark on my new future as a travel professional with WDW Guru Travel.
Photo Credit Disney Style
Trying new things is scary - but if you don't try you never know what could have been.  I cannot begin to tell you how excited I am about this new adventure in my life.  I am working with the most amazing group of people who are eager to help in any way they can.  It's like having another family. One of the awesome things about this family is that while I will specialize in Disney Destinations I have a fabulous group of travel professionals I can turn to if you want to book any travel destination, any cruise line, any vacation you can imagine.

So thanks to WDW Guru's wonderful, awesome, magical Kelly and Tracey for giving me this opportunity. I promise to make you both proud!! 

Have a Magical Day!!
Donna Kay

P.S. When you're ready to book that Magical Vacation contact me at donnakay@thewdwguru.com!!

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