Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Donna Kay's Party Planning 101...Choosing Our Theme

As I told you yesterday, we are going to plan a child's birthday party for this session of Donna Kay's Party Planning 101.  I am going to ask you to forgive me, but I am staying true to myself and picking the party theme. Today I will walk you through my process of choosing the theme, answering the questions I posed in Choosing A Theme post.

Who is the party for?

The party is for a boy - Daniel - who will be turning 5.  He loves Disney Junior, pirates, super heroes and baseball.  He likes to play video games, and his favorite movie is The Avengers (especially Iron Man).  His favorite color is red, favorite food is hamburgers, he's not a fan of veggies but loves fruit - and chocolate cake.  

What is the occasion?

Daniel's 5th birthday.

When is the party?

Daniel's birthday is May 15th, so his mom wants to have the party on Saturday May 17th at 1:00.  It's a good time because his spring ball season has just ended and summer ball will start in a couple of weeks.

Where are you hosting the party?

Mom and dad have a pretty big back yard where the kids can run and play so they are hosting it at their home.  They live in the south where the weather will be warm and hopefully sunny.  

How easy will it be to execute the theme?

Mom has pretty good crafting skills and will be making some things herself, but will be purchasing some items from the local party store and has to follow a reasonable budget.  She will be cooking the food herself but will definitely be purchasing the birthday cake.

And our theme is.....

The Avengers

Looking at the answers to our Who, What, When, Where and Why I have chosen The Avengers - a theme that is sure to thrill Daniel.  Here is my reasoning:
  • Daniel loves the Avengers - he and his friends can dress as their favorite hero for the party and that's just FUN!
  • Red is Daniel's favorite color and it can easily be incorporated into the theme.
  • We are on a tight schedule and this theme will be easy to find online and in stores.
  • Since the party will be at mom & dad's home you can serve food inside and still have lots of space outside for fun super hero games (and rowdy little super heroes).
  • A somewhat limited budget calls for a theme that can be efficiently done by a crafty mom and this fits the bill (pun intended).  
Now that we have our theme it's time to get busy on Pinterest.  We also need to put a dollar figure on that budget.  We will discuss both of these in the next post.

Have a Magical Day!!
Donna Kay

Finding Myself (and Happiness) Again

There's something wonderful about loving something so much you want to share it with the world.  I still remember the excitement as I published my first post here at Disney Donna Kay.  I thought I had conquered the world.  Boy was I naive.

I didn't care if I had one person other than myself read that post, I was officially a blogger.  Mike didn't even know about my little blog, it was all mine and I could say or do whatever I wanted with it.  It was like my baby.  As a matter of fact no one knew, not my kids or my sisters or anyone.  Then after Auburn won the 2010 National Championship I posted their fight song and got a comment from Beth of A Disney Mom's Thoughts.  Little did I know that comment would literally change my blogging life.  Through Beth I met other Disney bloggers - I had no idea there were so many - and became part of a community, actually a second family who shared my love of all things Disney.

But, as with most things, with the good comes the bad.  I also learned about SEO, bounce rates, links, trackbacks - you get the idea.  Suddenly my little blog, my hobby, became something I never meant for it to be.  I changed my blog design to make it easier to read, I spent hours researching what the Blogging experts had to say, then I made the biggest mistake of all I started writing just to try to get numbers up.  I stopped writing from my heart - I wrote from a numbers perspective.  Let me tell you, I am not a numbers person, math was my worst subject - by far.  I am an off the cuff, from the heart person - one who was never meant to be the "it" kid in our community.  I somehow lost Donna Kay in search of higher numbers and popularity on the world wide web.

Yep, this is me - at 50 I am finally embracing my true self.
Now that I have bored you to death, what I want to say is I am going back to my roots, my happiness.  I am finding Donna Kay again.   Let me reintroduce you to her.  She is a mom to Ashley and Dakota (the two most amazing kids on the planet), wife to Mike (and our marriage gets better with time - I am very lucky), an Auburn Tigers fan (War Eagle), an Atlanta Braves fan, a Disney fan, a crafter and a party planner who will never be able to throw all of the parties that pop into her head.  But beyond all that I am an optimist who has an unexplainable need for everyone to like me and make everyone around me happy. I dote over people and like taking care of my friends and family. I over promise and stress myself out trying to meet those expectations I placed on myself.  I do my best work under pressure and at the last minute.  I am fiercely protective of my family and friends so you better not mess with them or you will have to answer to me.  I have a potty mouth when I am mad or totally stressed (especially about money).  I can be very scary when I am mad (I tend to yell), but I get over it pretty quick.  I am also very vulnerable and can have my feelings easily hurt, I think that comes from having a giving spirit, I always expect other to be the same way.

I want to say thank you Beth from Pursuing the Magic for reminding me that the real me is just fine and that it was time for me to find her again.  Sometimes friends say the most wonderful things without even realizing the impact a simple statement can make in someones life.

I can't end this post without mentioning my friend Donna from DIStherapy.  She is an inspiration to me everyday.  I promise I am going to participate in a runDisney event someday, if for no other reason than getting to meet my fabulously supportive friend in person.  I still want to be you when I grow up. :)

So there you have it, my heart on my sleeve - which is who I am and finally I am unapologetic about it.

Have a Magical Day!!
Donna Kay

Monday, April 14, 2014

Donna Kay's Party Planning 101...Child's Birthday Party

The votes are in and you have chosen for us to plan a child's birthday party for this session of Donna Kay's Party Planning 101.  This series is for all of you, and  you will have the opportunity to vote for more things along the way.   The next poll will start tomorrow and YOU will be choosing the party theme.  Please vote and encourage your friends to as well.

What's in it for me you ask? How about all of the crafts I personally create as part of this session of Donna Kay's Party Planning 101 (food tents, cupcake toppers, banners, invitations, ect.) will be given away to one lucky winner - that means a substantial savings to your time and budget!!  Some items will be digital files (such as invitations and food tents) some will be physical items (such as cupcake toppers, banner or sign, ect.). Detailed descriptions of the items to be given away will be included in it's post (i.e.the post with a banner tutorial would give details of the banner to be given away).  

Remember, if there is anything specific you would like to see covered in Donna Kay's Party Planning 101 please let me know by commenting here or on the Disney Donna Kay Facebook page.

Have a  Magical Day!!
Donna Kay

Friday, April 11, 2014

Disney Quote of the Week

Yesterday was National Sibling Day, so I chose this weeks quote to honor my second family - my Disney brothers and sisters, the family that I found via Disney Donna Kay. You know who you are, thanks for making every day a little more Magical!!

Photo credit:  wanelo
By the way, I don't think we are broken - a little cracked and crazy maybe, but definitely not broken.

Have a Magical Day!!
Donna Kay

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Disney Party Boards...Celebrating Donna & it's a small world

I have a beautiful and sweet friend who is having a birthday today, Donna from DIStherapy.  She shares that birthday with Disney's legendary attraction it's a small world (it turns 50 today).  So to honor Donna, I created a party board celebrating her and it's a small world.  

But first, let's all take a moment to sing for Donna: 

 it's a small world party board

  1. Nesting Dolls - The dolls in it's a small world remind me of nesting dolls, so these colorful dolls would be perfect as decor placed on the food table or even as centerpieces on the dining table.
  2. Crudites - I thought it would be fun to have appetizers from around the world as our party menu.  These crudites are a nod to France, and can be a healthy addition to snack on.
  3. Wine Around the World - I know that Donna enjoys a good glass of wine, so why not have different varieties from around the world for her to explore. 
  4. Doll Cookies - Trying to keep the sweets to a minimum so I decided to go with these from Jill's Custom Cookies because they are almost too cute to eat.
  5. Garlic Clam Dip - Seafood had to make a showing, and garlic clam dip will be a crowd pleaser.
  6. Onion Tartlets - The cheesy onion tartlets are a nod to Germany, and are a great savory addition to the menu. 
  7. Canapes - Traditional canapes are made with a puff pastry crust, I like this twist using a hollowed out cucumber as the base.
  8. Spanish Tapas - Hola! Spain joined the party with these tapas, filled with seafood, veggies, olives and cheese they make a delicious addition.
  9. Hello/Goodbye Sign - Put this on the door for guest bid guests the perfect farewell to guests as they depart for home.
  10. Italian Sausage Rolls in Tomato Sauce - Italy makes a showing with these Italian sausage rolls - and who doesn't love a good red sauce.
  11. Artichoke Dip - A classic party food that everyone loves, serve it will chips, crackers or toasted slices of French bread.
  12. Deviled Eggs - The best thing about deviled eggs is that the flavor change easily be changed with add ins, we like bacon and jalapenos.
  13. Small World Poster - This classic poster would make the perfect backdrop to your food table.
  14. Table Setting - The beautiful colors of it's a small world really stand out to me, this colorful table setting is a nod to those happy hues.
I hope you have had a Magical birthday Donna!! Can't wait for the day we meet in person and can ride it's a small world together!!

As always, be sure to share your pictures in the comments below or on the Disney Donna Kay Facebook page if you use any of the ideas in today's party board.
Have a Magical Day!!
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