Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Souvenirs

Souvenirs are a favorite part of any Disney vacation. I am sharing  my favorite souvenir from my last Disney vacation. It was full of firsts for me. My first time going without my family, my first stay at Port Orleans, my first time meeting my Disney BFFs Didi and Stacey, my first time meeting my favorite princess (Aurora), and my first runDisney event.

After finishing the Frozen 5K Didi, Stacey and I had breakfast at Akershus and it was a royal good time. After getting very excited to FINALLY meet Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty) I realized I had nothing for her to autograph. Then it hit me - my bib from the race!! Not only did we get Aurora to sign it but all of the Princesses that were there that morning - Snow White, Belle, Ariel, and Cinderella!  My one regret - I didn't have a sharpie with me so that you could see the autographs better!

My bib with my medal.
It is now one of my favorite souvenirs, mainly because of all of the happy memories it brings back. It was my shortest Disney visit but one of my happiest!! My point here is it doesn't matter if cost nothing or $1000 the best part of a souvenir is how it makes you feel!!

Do you have a favorite souvenir? Share it with me here or on my Guru Donna Kay Facebook Page!

Have a Magical Day!

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