Thursday, September 18, 2014

I'm Ready For My Disney Close Up...5 Minute Face

Did you know that over 100,000 pictures are taken by PhotoPass photographers every day?  Add to that the number of pictures taken with cell phones, tablets and cameras and I am sure you are getting into 1,000,000 photos a day territory.  My question is are you in those pictures and do you like the way you look?

This first thing I am going to tell you is:
Step away from the back of the camera and get into the photos with your family!
Your kids want pictures with you, and I promise they won't see the crows feet or the extra five pounds or whatever flaw you think you have.  You're in the Happiest Place on Earth - document that happiness so you can relive it after you get home.

The second thing is:
Look camera ready!  
The start to looking camera ready - make up.  There's a reason people who make a living in front of the camera use it. Make up evens out your skintone, brightens your eyes and adds a glow to your cheeks.  It make you look more polished and put together.  It gives you a confidence boost, which will make you look even better.

I can already hear the excuses, "I don't have time", "I never wear make up and want to look like myself", "It's just going to sweat off in the Florida heat."  To these I say - make ups purpose isn't to make you look different, you should look like you - only more polished, take a tissue and blot your face - don't wipe and you won't ruin your make up, and you can do this in 5 minutes.  I know you can do it because I do it EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Yes, it takes me approximately 5 minutes to go from a clean face to ready to face the world.  It's as simple as moisturize, foundation, highlighter, eyeliner, mascara, blush, lipgloss (to be honest most of the time it's chapstick), done.  The queen of the 5 minute face is Carmindy from What Not To Wear (I really miss that show!).  Here is a video of her 5 minute face.

This is basically what I do every day and it quickly becomes habit and you don't even think about it anymore, it just happens. And remember, you don't have to buy expensive make up at department stores, you really can find great products at drug stores or WalMart and Target. The key to making it work is finding a color that matches your skintone with a formula that works with your skin.  For instance, I wear a foundation with anti-aging moisturizers and SPF of  20 at a minimum. 

I hope you will take these 5 minutes to get yourself camera ready  the next time you visit one of the parks.  Post a picture of your 5 minutes face on my Facebook page or Twitter, I would love to see it.

Have a Magical Day!!
Donna Kay


  1. I'm always thankful for the PhotoPass pictures as they are always good and capture our whole family.

    1. Well Sean I am quite sure you always do your 5 Minute Face before you head out to the parks. ;) I love the PhotoPass photographers, they are always great pictures and the WHOLE family can be in the pictures.

  2. My favorite vacation photos all involve makeup. I reserve it for weddings, funerals, on stage (church drama team) and Disney World. Thanks for the five minute face link, with my lack of everyday experience, that's really useful!

  3. We love our PhotoPass! And I've always needed to know how to quickly and effectively apply my make-up! Thanks!


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