Monday, June 17, 2013

Creative Disney Inspiration...Princess Banner

Today's Creative Disney Inspiration will be part of my little Lexi's birthday party this weekend!!  She is turning 3 already, I can't believe it!!  The party is princess themed, so I am calling it the Princess Lexi Party.


  • Purple Cardstock - you can cut 4 shields per piece of cardstock.
  • White Cardstock - you can cut 4 shield outlines and 4 inner shields per piece of cardstock.
  • Pink Rhinestones - One per panel. I used the "All That Bling" from Jolee's and found them at Walmart.
  • Pink Tulle - I used bright pink from a 6" spool.
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Scrapbook Adhesive - I used my Xyron and an Ad Tech Crafters Tape Runner.
  • Shield Shape - From the Shield Set by Totally Jamie Design ID #20681 Silhouette Store
  • LW Vintage Font
First I opened my shield files in the Silhouette software and right clicked to "Release Compound Path" then "Ungrouped" them.   I used the shield fine in the upper left hand corner so I deleted the rest after ungroupping them.  Next I opened the Replicate window and clicked "Duplicate Right", them I chose both files and clicked "Duplicate Below" to fill a 12x12 piece of cardstock.  For my banner I needed a total of 17 shields, so I cut the file 5 times in purple using the Silhouette settings for textured cardstock.

After all of the background shields were cut I deleted 3 of the shields and opened the Offset Window.  I chose "Internal Offset" set the "Distance" to .250 and chose "Corner" then "Apply".  Then I deleted the outer shield and selected the remaining shield and set the Offset settings to "Internal Offset", .150 "Distance", "Corner" then applied.  Then I chose both shields and right clicked and "Create Compound Path"  then Replicated them like before to fill the page.  With this cut you have both the outline and inner shields, I chose to have "HAPPY" and "Lexi" using the outline and "Birthday" using the inner shield.  This means I needed 8 inner shields and 9 outlines, so I cut 3 sets using white cardstock. 

Next I cut my letters out of pink glitter cardstock using the LW Vintage font in a size of 270. 

Now I was ready to put it all together, I ran all of the inner shields and outlines nested together through my Xyron, then  the letters.  Assembly went pretty quick after the cutting was completed.  Warning - the shield outlines are thin and tear easily, and when the adhesive touches the cardstock it's impossible to reposition.

After completing all of the shields punch a hole in the upper right and left hand corners of each shield 1/4" from the corner.  Next cite them together using pink tulle - 6" x 3" for the ends and 12" x 3" for tying the letters together.  I tied knots at the ends and bows between the letters, be sure to smooth your tulle into a single layer. Here's a close up of one of my bows attaching two letters.

I chose to split my banner into individual words, but be sure to use divider shields if you are going to use one long banner.  You can add castles or crowns to the divider shields to keep with the princess theme.

Hope you have enjoyed this 5th installment of Creative Disney Inspiration, as always if you make any of the projects please share them on the Disney Donna Kay Facebook page. I would love to see them!!

Have a Magical Day!
Donna Kay

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