Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Creative Disney Inspiration...Mike Wazowski Coasters

I am so excited about Monster's University!!  I have been watching every trailer, making my own monsters (you can make your own here), and counting down the days until Monster's University comes to theaters.  In honor of my favorite monster my first Creative Disney Inspiration project is a Mike Wazowski coaster.

Here's my inspiration for the coaster, a poster from DeviantArt.

After saving the picture, I traced it using Silhouette software, this is the trickiest part of making your coaster.  I only saved the outline of Mike's head and horns.  After the trace select "Release Compound Path" and save only Mike's rounded head and horns, see my screen shots below.

Here is my trace before clean up, all you want to save is the top part with Mike's rounded head and horns.

Here is Mike's head after clean up.
Next I drew a 4x4 square ( the size of my coaster) and placed it over Mike's silhouette.  I filled the shapes with color to make them easier to see.  It also helps me better visualize what my finished product will look like.  

Then I placed my square behind the silhouette making sure to align them so that I got a clean cut.

Finally I drew 4 circles using my poster as a guide, the largest is white, the next size is dark green, the next is black and the smallest white. 

I then cut the vinyl in coordinating colors with my Silhouette Cameo using the vinyl settings.  Using my paper trimmer I cut around my shapes to make them easier to weed.  Here is what you have when you are ready to start putting your coaster together.

I got my 4x4 coaster at my local Lowe's store, the only color options I have are black and white.  I think this design would look great on either one.  My ultimate choice would be dark green like you see in the poster if you have that option.  I first applied my bright green Mike silhouette using the wet method, you can find a great YouTube video for this technique here.  You can see I have a paper towel under my tile, be sure to have a kitchen towel or paper towels under your tile when using the wet method to soak up your excess water.

Now you just have to apply your eye in the order listed above, first is the largest white circle, then the dark green,  making sure not to place it directly in the middle of the white one.  You can place it closer to the upper right hand corner if you want Mike looking up.

Next is the pupil of Mike's eye, then lastly the highlight.  Place the black circle in the dark green again not exactly in the center but in the lower left of the dark green circle (upper right if you want him looking up) using your poster as a guide, and the small white highlight dot should over lap the black and dark green.

Now admire your fun new drink coaster, but give it 72 hours to cure before using it.  Hope you like today's first Creative Disney Inspiration, be sure to stop back tomorrow!!  If you decide to make your own Mike Wazowski coaster please share it with us on my Disney Donna Kay Facebook page!!

Have a Magical Day!!
Donna Kay


  1. Oh my goodness, Donna Kay! I love these!

    1. Thanks Beth!! I am keeping him on my desk at work, it makes me smile!!


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