Thursday, June 13, 2013

Creative Disney Inspiration...Lexi's Clubhouse

Like many toddlers and preschoolers my little Lexi is a big Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fan.  A few months ago I made her this Lexi's Clubhouse canvas for her room.


  • Canvas - I used a 16x20.
  • Blue Paint
  • Green Paint
  • Mod Podge
  • Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Black, White Cardstock or Vinyl
  • Xyron or other paper glue if using cardstock.
First I had to find a picture of Mickey's Clubhouse to use as a guide for my canvas, Google search is your friend!!  After deciding what parts and pieces I needed I turned to Google again to help me search for them. 
*NOTE:  I know those of you without a Silhouette are sick of me using it for my projects, You could easily recreate the parts for this canvas by printing your pictures from Google (coloring pages work especially well) or drawing circles using household items for Mickey's head and the semicircle base of the clubhouse, rectangles for Mickey's arms and the leg connecting Mickey's shoe to the clubhouse base.  

I had already created a Mickey Icon in my Silhouette software so I could quickly check that one off my list. You can find them on the internet easily and trace them using your Silhouette software or use freezer paper or parchment paper if you are tracing by hand. 

I created the clubhouse base by simply cutting my Mickey icon in half.  The signpost and leg attaching Mickey's shoe to the clubhouse base are simply rectangles cut to the appropriate size.  The glove sign is again a trace of an image I found on Google, and Mickey's shoe I created myself using circles, ovals, rectangles - that being said I would definitely recommend finding one you can trace online!!  

The letters in the word "CLUBHOUSE' are again a trace of the logo.  The door I created with ovals, circle and rectangles. For "LEXI'S" I chose a simple font - Arial.  The windows on the logo and clubhouse base are made with rectangles and ovals.  

Now that everything is cut we are ready to paint the canvas.  I started with my blue paint and painted about 3/4 of the canvas starting at the top, once dry I applied another coat.  After allowing the blue paint to completely dry, I painted the bottom of the canvas green, then added two small free hand hills on top of the blue paint.  Again, I allowed the paint to dry and applied a second coat of green paint.  After allowing all of the paint to dry overnight I applied a coat of Mod Podge.  

Now we are ready to apply our design to the canvas. Starting the the clouds, then assembling the clubhouse, I placed everything just where I wanted it before applying any adhesive, if you are using vinyl before removing the backing.  Once everything is just the way you like it, take a picture for reference don't depend on your memory!!  Notice how parts of the clouds are hidden behind the Mickey icon and shoe - this is a simple way to take your project to the next level.  

*NOTE:  I used cardstock for my project, but if I had to do it over  again I would definitely use vinyl.  I was simply an excited Nana who thought cardstock would be easier to work with, and it was until I applied a coat of Mod Podge on top of it - it curled and bubbled, bad Nana!!  It did however look better after the Mod Podge dried.

If you are using cardstock finish with another coat of Mod Podge. Let it cure for a couple of days before hanging it in your favorite kids room.  This canvas would also be a great way to welcome guests to a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party. :)

Hope you liked the 3rd installment of Creative Disney Inspiration!!  If you make your own Clubhouse sign be sure to share it on the Disney Donna Kay Facebook page.

Have a Magical Day!
Donna Kay


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