Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Disney Party Boards...Izzy and the Never Land Pirates

I asked the fans of my Facebook page what kind of party themes they would like to see and Brandy Myers suggested a Jake and the Neverland Pirates party for a girl.  So today's your day Brandy!!

Izzy and the Neverland Pirates

  1. Tablescape - I love, love, love this tablescape from Play Patterns!! Of course, I would change the color scheme to pink and white and use the Izzy centerpiece (#14) but it is perfect!!
  2. Treasure Chest Treat Box - Anyone would love this treasure chest from Costume Express.  Fill it with golden goodies like Hershey's Nuggets and Gold chocolate coins maybe ever a Ring Pop or two.
  3. Pirate Pizza - How great is this Pirate Pizza from Foods Kids Will Eat?  Never underestimate what you can do with a few veggies and a pepperoni or two!!
  4. Pretty Pirate Cupcake Toppers - When you add cute and pirate this is what you get!! These edible cupcake toppers are so cute.  If you are looking for a fun activity you can have a Decorate Your Own Pirate Cupcake Bar, boys and girls alike will enjoy this (just be sure to have some masculine decorations on hand).
  5. Izzy Invites - Itsy Bitsy Invitations sells this invitation featuring Izzy in her Etsy shop.  There are so many available you're sure to find one that fits your taste.
  6. Pink Bandana - If  the party is all about Izzy, you've gotta have pink bandanas!! They are an inexpensive and easy way to be sure all the guests participate in the theme (you can buy red or back for the boys if you like).
  7. Watermelon Pirate Ship - I found this fabulous Watermelon Pirate Ship on Hostess With The Mostest.  I would definitely recommend a practice run on this one.
  8. Izzy & Friends Cake Pops - Popolate 
  9. Izzy Costume - Etsy again!! Sage N Time Designs has this Izzy costume for sale, it includes the bandana, pink peasant blouse and Pixie Dust necklace.
  10. Skully Pinata - Hostess With The Mostest shared this Parrot Pinata as part of the same party with the Watermelon Pirate Ship, it reminded me so much of Skully I knew we had to add it to our party.
  11. Candy Cannon Balls - Whoppers reminded me of mini cannon balls, you could use any round chocolate candy or even black olives or blueberries.
  12. Hot Dog Pirate Ship - HWTM shared these adorable Hot Dog Pirate Ships too.  I am sure you could pull these off even if you're  not a crafter.  
  13. Izzy's Pixie Dust - Lu Bird Baby shared this tutorial for how she made Izzy's Pixie Dust necklace for her daughter.  Inexpensive and easy to make they make a great party favor for your guests.
  14. Izzy & the Gang Centerpieces - These centerpieces from Play Patterns are adorable, and can even be personalized.  Use them on your food table, gift table, anywhere you need a little something extra around the room.
  15. Izzy Bottle Cap Necklace - PPParty Favors shop on Etsy is where I found these bottle cap necklaces.  There are also printable available on Etsy if you are a DIY person and want to make your own.
  16. Pirate Ship Bouncy House - Kids love  these bouncy houses and this one is perfect for our party.
  17. Cannon Ball Fight - As a kid few things are as fun as a water balloon fight!  I found these black balloons at Amazon.  Obviously you wouldn't want to do this during the winter, but it would be a great way for the kids to say cool outside in the Summer.
  18. Birthday Banner - I found this banner at Opal and Mae's store on Etsy.  You print it and put it together yourself so you can choose the ribbon colors to match your decor.
  19. Izzy Birthday Cake - Nories Kitchen created this lovely cake featuring Izzy and her friends.  
  20. Tick-Tock Gummies - These crocodile gummies are a wonderful added touch, kids love gummies and they are a simple addition to your table.
  21. Palm Tree Sandwiches - These Palm Tree Sandwiches come to us straight from the Disney Junior Canada site.  You already know I'm a fan of cookie cutter sandwiches, I think this shape is unexpected but great!
Be sure to check out the Jake and the Neverland Pirates Party Board and Peter Pan Party Board for more ideas you can incorporate into your Izzy inspired party.  You can easily change masculine ideas to feminine by changing up colors or adding some bling, just use your imagination.  As always, if you use any of these ideas I would love to see pictures!!

Have a Magical Day!!
Donna Kay


  1. Tink was looking at Pinterest with me and we saw this board. You got a big three year-old thumbs up! I'll have to save this for her birthday.

    1. YAY!! That is the ultimate seal of approval, and makes me very happy! :)

  2. So fun!!! Makes me want a girl... but not really! ;)

    1. When I was searching for ideas on Pinterest pictures of C-Man at his party last year kept popping up, it brought a big smile to my face!!

  3. Love these Pirate Ideas. The Watermelon Pirate Ship Is my Favorite :-)

    1. Thanks Diane! The watermelon is really great isn't it? The table setting was great, I think it's my fav!!


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