Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Disney Party Boards...Disney Princess Party Board (Food)

Last month Heather asked me for ideas for a Disney Princess Party for her daughter. Truth be told Heather didn't need any help, she already had some fabulous ideas of her own!! She is having a big celebration so I am breaking this one down into food/decor & activities.

Once Upon A Time...there were young knights in the castle tired from protecting the kingdom from imminent danger from fierce Disney Villains.  The grateful king had the following feast prepared to honor the courageous knights.

Disney Princess Party - Knight's Table
  1. Lucifer's Kitty Treats - Waffle Fries kind of look like potatoes that the cat has been shredding with his nails right!! You can buy the frozen ones from the grocery store or pick up some at the local Chick -fil-a, just put them in the a 350 over on a baking pan for 10 minutes to warm them before serving.
  2. Maleficent's Dragon Charcoal Briquettes - Charcoal briquettes from deep within Maleficent's dragon's lair are really just chocolate donut holes from your local bakery or grocery store.  
  3. Mother Gothel's Chicken with Evil Potion Sauce -  The chicken is delicious, but watch out for Mother Gothel's Evil Potion sauces. Chicken nuggets are always a hit with the kids, serve yours with a side of Evil Potion Sauce aka ketchup or ranch.
  4. Swamp Punch - Pulled straight from the Louisiana Bayou, this punch is sure to quench any Knight's thirst!!  Any green punch will do, but this one from Stirring Up Memories is pretty tasty!!
  5. Dr. Facilier's Voo-Doo Candy - Worms and bugs straight from the New Orleans cemetery, hexed with a Voo-Doo curse from Dr. Facilier himself.  Be sure to overfill your bowl with gummy worms and bugs so it looks like they are trying to crawl out of the bowl and onto the table.
  6. The Evil Queen's Poison Apple Kabobs - The Evil Queen prepared these "special" apple treats just for the brave Knights.  I love that these sliced apples layered with cheese are sliced so that they stand on their ends.  You could easily substitute pineapple or pears for the cheese. 
Meanwhile, princesses of the kingdom were enjoying their afternoon tea and scones...
Disney Princess Party...Tea Time
  1. Royal Sandwiches - The palace chef's have prepared a special PB&J fit for a royal princess. I love the heart cut out and grapes on the points of the crowns!! Such a cute idea from Party City.
  2. Jaq & Gus Cheese Snacks - Jaq & Gus, Cinderella's favorite mice, are always ready for a snack!! These cheese, watermelon, strawberry & grape skewers from Sargento are a real treat for talking mice and little princesses alike.
  3. Briar Rose's Berry Basket - After a morning stroll in the woods collecting strawberries, Briar Rose helped the Good Fairies prepare this rustic basket of chocolate dipped fresh strawberries.
  4. Maximus Treats - There's no greater treat for Rapunzel's favorite steed than apples.  Serve them up just like Rapunzel would in your handy cast iron skillet.  You could even add a bowl of sugar cubes (aka marshmallows) is he's been extra good.
  5. Aurora's White Chocolate and Berry Scones - No proper tea is complete without scones.  This Vanilla Berry Scone with White Chocolate Cream recipe from Vanilla Kitchen sounds delicious!
  6. Royal Bird Seed - Special candy coated treats (candy coated sunflower seeds) for Snow White's favorite Blue Birds.  
Sweet treats shall be enjoyed by all...Princesses & Knights, Lords & Ladies, mice and woodland creatures.

Disney Princess Party...Sweets Table
  1. Briar Rose Sugar Cookies - These rose topped sugar cookies from I Am Baker are favorites of mine.  You could even do some in blue and some in pink to make Flora & Merryweather happy.
  2. Princess Scepters - These pretzel princess scepters are decorated especially for Cinderella, you could easily change that with pink for Aurora, yellow for Belle and Snow White or purple for Tiana and Rapunzel.  Dipped pretzels are a party staple for me, simple to make and cost effective.
  3. Rapunzel Cupcake Towers - Bird on a Cake gives a great tutorial for making these beautiful Tangled Tower Cupcakes.  
  4. Cinderella's Sugar Mice - Sew Sweet Kate gives us wonderful instructions for making these adorable  sugar mice (which I think is ironic since it was mice who sewed Cinderella's original ball gown) .  They are cute enough to make Jaq & Gus jealous!!
  5. Tiana's Sweet Kisses for Naveen - A great way to "kiss" a frog and not worry about warts!! These sweet kisses are sure to make Naveen very happy!!
  6. Princess Cake Pops - I think these princess inspired cake pops are some of the cutest I have ever seen!! I especially like the ones with Chip and Cinderella's carriage.
  7.  Snow White's Not So Poison Apples - Snow White gets revenge on the Evil Queen with these delicious (and not poison) toffee apples.
  8. Princess Cake - The Frosted Cakery did a beautiful job with this tiered princess cake.  Remember you can ask your bakery to use a faux cake for one of the layers so you don't have so many left overs.

I do realize this is a lot of food, Heather is having a lunchtime party and a tea party later in the day.  You could easily pick and choose from any of the Party Boards to make your own menu.  Tomorrow I will be sharing my decoration and activity ideas, and I need to mention that Heather has really big decoration plans & I can't wait to see pictures!!

Have a Magical Day!!
Donna Kay


  1. Well, all these foods look very impressive, but I love the Rapunzel Tower Cupcakes! I need to look up how to make those!

    1. You are so talented, I know you could do these easily. Did you see this pin on Pinterest? It seems so much easier than trying to stand them up. http://pinterest.com/pin/61713457365957444/


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