Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Walt!!

Today I am celebrating the life of one of the most amazing men ever born, Walter Elias Disney.  His contributions to the world of film and animation are legendary, but Walt the man was just as legendary.  His devotion to his family, his absolute belief in his ideas, his commitment to bring animation to a higher level are just a few of the reasons I admire him so much.

I love this poster, it is so very honest and sincere as evidenced by this Walt Disney quote:
"The life and ventures of Mickey Mouse have been closely bound up with my own personal and professional life. It is understandable that I should have sentimental attachment for the little personage who played so big a part in the course of Disney Productions and has been so happily accepted as an amusing friend wherever films are shown around the world. He still speaks for me and I still speak for him."  Walt Disney

Footage from 1940 of Walt and Billy Bletcher doing the voices of Mickey Mouse and Pete.  More proof that Mickey was such a big part of Walt's life and that Walt truly brought Mickey to life.

I will leave you for now with another Walt quote about Mickey:
"Born of necessity, the little fellow literally freed us of immediate worry. He provided the means for expanding our organization to its present dimensions and for extending the medium cartoon animation towards new entertainment levels. He spelled production liberation for us."

Thank goodness that little mouse popped out of Walt's head during that train ride from New York to California when all seemed lost!! Thank you Lillian for suggesting Walt name him Mickey instead of Mortimer!!

Throughout the day today I will be sharing favorite Walt posts of my own and my friends on Facebook, I hope you will join me there.  And don't be surprised if you see more Walt Disney posts today here at  Disney Donna Kay!!


  1. Walt has supplied so many life lessons! When things are at their bleakest... You learn from mistakes... Never give up... Thanks for always reminding us of Walt's teachable moments!!

    1. :D he is such an inspiration to me, if anyone ever had a reason to give up it was Walt. He is the physical definition of "All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them."


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