Friday, November 2, 2012

Magical Blogorail Yellow...What I'm Looking Forward To

Welcome to those of you joining me from Return to Disney and those of you just hopping aboard. I am the 4th stop on our Magical Blogorail.

Today we are sharing what we are most looking forward to on our next Walt Disney World vacation. Unfortunately I do not currently have a trip planned (sad I know) but I do know what I must do on my next trip...Walt Disney: One Man's Dream.

I am so ashamed to admit that I haven't been to this attraction yet. Walt Disney's insight and vision are the foundation Disneyland and Walt Disney World, not to mention his key contributions to the film industry.  

This fabulous attraction shares a look into Walt's life from childhood to Project X, what we know today as Walt Disney World, and even includes the Disney Company's vision for the future.  Here are some of the fabulous exhibits on display:
  • Models of Disneyland's Main Street U.S.A.
  • Scaled replicas of Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland and Disneyland Paris.
  • Walt's second grade school desk.
  • The special Academy Award given to Walt for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
  • Audio and film clips of interviews with Walt Disney through the years.
  • A film about Walt's life including the hardships he overcame to build the empire we know today, as well as Walt discussing Mickey Mouse.
  • A replica of Walt's California office.
  • An interactive recreation of Project X.

Everything I've read about Walt Disney: One Man's Dream tells me that you should be able to walk through in about 15 minutes, something tells me I would linger there a whole lot longer. The sad thing I've heard is that there is never a wait here, and that very few of the Hollywood Studios guest actually go to his attraction. I encourage you to visit on your next trip to remind your children that Walt Disney was a real person who accomplished great things because he pursued his dream. And Walt would want me to remind you that "It all started with a mouse."

A huge thank you to my friend Kelly from WDW Guru for allowing me to use her pictures for this post!!

Thank you for joining me today. Your next stop on the Magical Blogorail Loop is DisTherapy.

Here is the map of our Magical Blogorail should you happen to have to make a stop along the way and want to reboard:
3rd Stop ~ Return to Disney
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Final Stop ~ DIStherapy

Have a Magical Day!!
Donna Kay


  1. This is another attraction I haven't experienced in a long time. With three little ones, we tend to skip this. With my kids being a little older this trip, and more aware of who Walt Disney is, I hope to take them through and experience this as a family.

    1. I really want to be sure that Lexi & Tripp know about Walt Disney the man too. Dakota loves watching Man Behind The Myth with me, I know he would love the attraction as much as I would.

    2. I love Man Behind the Myth! I DVRed it and watch it all the time.

  2. Oh my gosh - I LOVE One Man's Dream! Between my oldest daughter and I, we have TONS of pictures from this attraction. It's an absolute MUST DO, so be sure to check it out on your next trip. The film at the end is well worth it as well!

    1. Heidi, I have to check it out on our next trip. Honestly, I don't think I will ever get my hubby to go back so I will have time for more of the things I really like to do. I have heard the film is great!!

  3. I love One Man's Dream - probably because I love his dream ;) We do not walk through it every visit, though, and you're right that it's usually empty. It really is a treasure!

    1. Thanks Jodi! I admire him so much, he was a very inspirational man.

  4. Donna- this attraction is absolutely MADE FOR YOU. You have such a beautiful connection with the man and his dream; I bet you could spend an entire day here... :D

    1. You are so right D!! I can hear them now "I'm sorry Ma'am, but you're really going to have to leave now..."


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