Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Disney Party Boards - Princess Jasmine Party 2

Peacock and Princesses are great together, aren't they?  For today's Princess Jasmine Party Board I leaned heavily on the peacock side because of it's beautiful turquoise, purple and green color combination which reminds me of Jasmine.

I really went crazy with the sweets, so be sure to balance them out with pita chips & hummus, nuts, fruit and pinwheel sandwiches.
Princess Jasmine Party Board 2

  1. Princess Jasmine Invitation - I fell in love with the rich colors in this invitation from Rock Creation's Etsy Shop.  I think it really sets the tone for the party.
  2. Royal Rock Candy - Rock Candy is always fun and colorful and kids love it!! As a matter of fact, this party at Party Wagon is full of great ideas!!
  3. Face Painting - All girls love to feel beautiful and a good face painting artist would be sure to fit the bill. If you are ready to give face painting a try yourself be sure to check out the inspiration at Amazing Face Art.  You can also check out the Princess Mask face painting tutorial below from Face Painting Tips, they also have a website with more tutorials as well as supplies.
  4. Royal Table Setting -  The kids will feel so special at the gorgeous table setting with purple and turquoise linens and peacock feather place mats.  It is both elegant and beautiful, perfect for your little princess.
  5. Princess Jasmine Tutu -  Gorgeous is the best word I can think of to describe this "Aladdin's Sweetheart" tutu from Goody Goody Tutu's Etsy shop.  
  6. Peacock Inspired Cake - This hand painted, fondant covered cake from Diva Entertains is simply elegant.  To save money have your bakery use a dummy cake for the bottom layer.  
  7. Peacock Feather Cupcake Toppers - Party Wagon provides this cupcake topper inspiration.  They could easily be replicated with rolled fondant and cookie cutters. 
  8. DIY Peacock Feather Cups - Giggles Galore provides a great tutorial for the adorable peacock feather cup.  Try this green punch recipe from to fill them.
  9. DIY Moroccan Lanterns - Another great DIY project from Design Sponge!!  The jars even remind me of the henna tattoos in #10.
  10. Temporary Henna Tattoos - These fun temporary tattoos from Visions of India are so much fun!  Apply them on hands and feet just like Indian women do as part of their wedding festivities.  WARNING - they do stay on for several days be sure to OK it with the other moms!
  11. Flower Cupcake Toppers - I loved the little blue flowers on these cupcakes, and you can never have too many cupcakes, can you?  
  12. Peacock Feather Cookies - These cookies were absolutely perfect for the party, and Flour Box Baker has a great tutorial for making these and the Peacock Cookies in #13.
  13. Peacock Cookies - LOVE LOVE LOVE these peacock cookies!! The great tutorial by Flour Box Baker makes them a DIY project too. I would definitely do a trial run before hand to be sure I had the decorating down pat.
If you are looking for a little something extra for the party you may want to add a green, turquoise and purple candy table like this one from Sugar Bunch Creations. 

I really want to give  face painting a try, I definitely need to try this out with Lexi on her next visit to Nana's house.
Face Painting Tips

Hope you like the Princess Jasmine Party Board!! I would love to know if you use any of the ideas, be sure to comment here or on my Facebook page.

Have a Magical Day!
Donna Kay


  1. I absolutely love the Jasmine tutu! Beautiful! The colors for this party are amazing and I know Hayley would go crazy for the invitation! Her favorite color is purple!

    1. I loved these colors!! I wanted to do something different from the last Jasmine party and loved the peacock idea (which I borrowed from another party planner)...

    2. Even better, this would be very appropriate for a teen Jasmine party, or even an adult. Hmmm . . . I may have to show this to Pierre for my next birthday! LOL!

    3. I would you love to do the Sleeping Beauty adult party for mine next year. Of course I haven't had a party since Ash was born...

  2. I love these party boards So colorful! The Peacock cookies and cake look to good to eat. And the Princes Jasmine tutu is beautiful, to bad my 13 year old wouldn't wear it- lol..

    1. Diane, the cookies and cake are beautiful aren't they? I love the tutu too, my 25 year old would wear it. Funny how thing change when they get a little older. :)

  3. Beautiful board! I love the peacock inspired decor!


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