Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Disney Party Boards - Doc McStuffins Party

Creating the Disney Party Boards is truly a labor of love for me, but that love is ten fold when I get to create a board for one of my Disney Sisters.  Today's Doc McStuffins Party Board is for my wonderful friend Beth of Pursuing The Magic and founder of The Magical Blogorail.  I hope her daughter, Emily, approves.

Doc McStuffins Party Board

  1. Caramel Apple Bites - OK, so they are actually grapes, but they taste the same.  And we all know that "An apple a day keeps the doctor away."  Doc would be proud of us for trying to keep our snacks healthy, just like these grapes from Food Artistry.  :)
  2. Jelly Bean "Medication" - Just take a shot size plastic cup and add jelly beans, M&M's or Smarties and you have candy medicine ready to fix whatever ales ya.  Such a cute, simple idea from Vixen Made.
  3. Red Cross Oreos - Kids from 4 to 104 love Oreo cookies, dip them in white chocolate or candy coating and add a fondant Red Cross and they become party perfection.  
  4. Doc McStuffins Medical Kit - This Doc McStuffins medical kit I found at Amazon has everything your little doctor needs to treat all those sick toys dropping by the clinic. 
  5. Doctor Is "IN/OUT" Sign - This is such a cute DIY project from The Suburban Mom, and it is one of those small details that  makes the party extra special. 
  6. Fresh Veggies & Dip - Doc's mission is to help kids stay healthy as well as the toys, make her proud by serving fresh vegetables with a low fat dip.  I love the way these are displayed in a pretty dessert glass, food tastes even better when it's displayed beautifully. Thanks for the idea Kraft!!
  7. Mystery Pox Blueberries - Remember the episode when the toys all got the mystery blue dots, well these blueberry skewers pay homage to Glo-Bo's mystery finger paint pox.
  8. Pretzel Thermometer - How adorable and smart are these pretzel thermometers?  Inexpensive and unexpected, and you gotta love sweet and salty together!!  
  9. Doc's Healthy Pizza - Doc loves to make favorite snacks healthier, try this recipe from Celebrations for the perfect healthy pizza for your guests.
  10. Mini Book Of Boo Boos - Send your patients owner home with this Mini Book of Boo Boos I found  at CrayonMeCrazy's Etsy store to keep a record of their toys injuries and illnesses.  You can put it in #11's medical favor bag.
  11. Doc McStuffins Medical Bag Favors - Fill these Doc McStuffin treat boxes by CraftsByRosa's Etsy store with your Mini Book of Boo Boos, Doc's headband (#14) and this cute DIY stethoscope. Your guests are sure to love it!! 
  12. Marshmallow Cotton Balls - How clever (and simple) is this idea from Vixen Made!! Absolutely perfect for your party.
  13. Doc McStuffins Cake - Custom Cakes By Julie did a fabulous job with this cake!! Great inspiration for you to show to your local bakery.
  14. Doc's Headband - You can buy this cute Doc McStuffin headband from Love It So Much, but if you are a DIY person it would be simple to recreate with a headband, flower and gluegun.
  15. Lambie - It wouldn't be a Doc McStuffins party without Lambie, Hallie, Stuffy & Chilly!  Be sure to ask your guests to bring their toys to the party for a Check Up at the Clinic.  You can have the living room set up as a waiting room with an older sister playing the part of Hallie wearing a red & white apron and her signature red horn rimmed glasses.
  16. Doc McStuffin Invitations - This invitation comes from Shop Sweetums and is perfect for our party.
  17. "O" Cupcakes - Celebrations has a great tutorial for how she made these yummy cupcakes inspired by the "O" in Doc McStuffins logo.
  18. Lab Coat - Doc is usually dressed in her white lab coat, purple stripped shirt, pink skirt and pink polka dot leggings and her purple headband.  I think this ensemble would be perfect for the Birthday Girl to wear the day of the party.
  19. Clinic ID Bracelet - Have Hallie check your patients in and give them their ID bracelets as they arrive, be sure to include the toys name as well as it's parent.  You can even have a sign in clip board at the "Check In" desk.
  20. Doc's Sugar Cookies - Ellie's Bite Decorated Cookies made these fabulous sugar cookies.  Use them as inspiration for making your own.
Some fun activities could be pin the band aid on the boo boo, or "I Have A Diagnosis" where you list symptoms a toy is having and the first one to diagnose the patient correctly wins a prize. Be sure to allow all the kids a chance to treat a toy, they will enjoy playing the doctor and maybe it will relieve some anxiety the next time they have to visit the doctor or if they have a sick friend.

 Hope you like this weeks party board, especially Beth & Emily!  I will leave you today with a sign I designed in Silhouette for Emily, I plan to have it sent to them in time for the party.
Sorry for the screen shot, I can't save a Silhouette project as a picture.

Have a Magical Day!
Donna Kay


  1. Donna Kay, I cannot tell you how much I love all these ideas! Emily is looking through them and making a list of just what she wants me to make for her birthday. Thank you so much for all the creative party ideas! I can't wait to get started on Emily's party!

    1. I forgot to add, the Doc McStuffins medical kit is so cute! My girls have give check ups to all their toys and all of us in the family. It has been so great to watch them take such good care of any broken toy too!

    2. Beth, I had so much fun working on this party board. Thanks so much for asking if I was thinking of doing one for Doc McStuffins. Not having any young children anymore I don't think to look at Disney Junior for inspiration. I hope Emily has a fabulous party!! I can't wait to see pictures!! BTW, I don't know if you could even have this party without the Doc McStuffins Medical Kit, it's probably an unwritten law or something.

  2. I love the great idea's

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