Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Disney Shopping...The Little Mermaid

Today I'm doing some more Disney cyber shopping for Ariel/Little Mermaid merchandise.  Here's my wish list...

Since there are no spending limits on my wish list, I would love to have this Little Mermaid Figurine, it's only $1400.00...I'm sure my husband thinks I'm worth it. :)

Little Mermaid Ariel Figurine by Arribas Brothers  $1400.00
Back to the "real world" this jewelry box would be a cute present for Lexi.  It would also be a great addition to your Ariel's Grotto from the Little Mermaid Party Board.

Disney Princess Ariel Jewelry Box  $15.50
 I love this adorable Kidada Ariel necklace - and it's marked down to $34.99!
Kidada for Disney Store Wish-a-Little Ariel Necklace  $34.99
Some day I am going to have a room in my house dedicated to my Disney collection with movie posters, snow globes, figurines and lithographs & gilcees.  I could start out small with this lithograph for just $44.50.

Ariel's Ocean Floor Fun Framed Lithograph  $44.50
 You didn't think I would have a wish list that didn't include a Christmas ornament did you?  I love the Ursula  Ear Hat Ornament with the tentacles swirled around the ears and her crazy white hair.  The Ariel one is adorable too, just in case you were wondering...
Limited Edition Ursula Ear Hat Ornament  $19.95
 I am so not a coffee drinker, but I this mug would be perfect for hot chocolate, YUM!!

Disney Villains Ursula Mug  $12.50
For all of us unfortunate souls who don't live near a Disney Store, all of these fun items can be purchased at the Disney Store Online. I would love to know what Little Mermaid merchandise you would love to own, just leave a comment!! 

Have a Magical Day!!
Donna Kay

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