Monday, September 10, 2012

Disney Party Boards...Little Mermaid Party

My last Ariel/Little Mermaid party had more of a child feel to it, so this time I decided to go with a more mature approach.  This party will work for a tween, teen or an adult party.

  1. Blue Breeze - This Blue Breeze is great for a bridal shower or girls night out, but for the teens and tweens try Blue Hawaiian Punch with the orange peel twist or sugar the rim of the glass - the kids will feel really grown up.
  2. Madeleines -These seashell madeleine courtesy of Martha Stewart are perfect for the party and the rosewater makes them extra special. 
  3. Table Setting - I love everything about this...the blue & white plates, the silver place card holder, the starfish & the driftwood table.  FABULOUS!! 
  4. Little Mermaid Movie Poster - Simple...understated...beautiful.  A framed copy of this movie poster is the perfect nod to the movie.  I would hang it behind the food table.
  5. Blue & White Dessert Table - Although this table is intended as a nod to Tiffany's - I think the color combo is perfect for our party. The actual sweets you choose are up to you, but today you can find candy melts already tinted to the perfect color - you know I love marshmallows, pretzels & cakepops - but you could dip brownie or make almond bark with your favorite nuts too.  Cupcakes & cheesecake are always a crowd favorite, don't forget to search for blue candies too - guests love them and they are added decor!!
  6. Crab Salad Croissant - Seafood is a must at your Under The Sea party, but it can get expensive in a hurry.  Opt for crab salad croissants - the shape even reminds me of a crab.
  7. Silver Sea Creatures - Gather seashells, starfish, coral, sand dollars, ect. and spray paint them with Krylon Silver Foil Metallic paint.  All of your decor will look cohesive and you can use as home decor after the party is over.
  8. Starfish Wreath - Love the simplicity of this yarn wrapped wreath decorated with starfish.  You could choose to paint these starfish silver as well to add continuity to the party decor, but I also love it as is.
  9. Message In A Bottle Invitations - Finding an invitation for a Disney party for someone over the age of 8 can be difficult.  I knew these message in a bottle invitations would be perfect the minute I saw them.  You can easily change the bottle and bead color to match your party decor.
  10. Seaside Cake - Such a beautiful cake with it's white chocolate seashells, starfish and brown sugar sand.  
  11. Shrimp Cocktail - Always a crowd pleaser - this shrimp cocktail looks very sophisticated served in margarita glasses.
  12. Kale Chips - These kale chips are sure to be a first for some of your guests.  The crispy texture is reminiscent of potato chips, but these are baked and good for you. Serve them with your favorite dip.
  13. Seashell Topiary - An easy DIY, this seashell topiary placed on a silver or glass candlestick will make a beautiful centerpiece - or a great addition to a side table.
  14. Ariel's Grotto - You're going to have to use your imagination a little with me here.  Turn a bookshelf  or curio cabinet into Ariel's Grotto.  Collect hand eggbeaters, a music box, a globe, ect. and display them just like Ariel. Be sure to include a snarfblat & a dinglehopper. A subtle nod to the movie, and a great conversation stater.  Good luck finding a life size Eric statue though... 
I hope I have inspired you to have your own Little Mermaid party, no matter your age.  Remember if you use any of the ideas here I would love to see pictures.

Have a Magical Day!!
Donna Kay

P.S. Don't forget the Calypso music!! Sebastian will surely approve.

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