Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Disney Party Boards...Beauty and the Beast (Belle)

Today's Disney Party Board celebrates Disney Princess Belle, from Beauty and the Beast.  Another of our favorite movies when Ashley was a little girl.

For the Beauty & The Beast Party Board I decided to go with a yellow and blue color pallet as a nod to Belle's dresses in the movie.  One of my favorite things about this party board is that it is easy on the wallet - as long as you don't mind a few diy projects. :)

Beauty & The Beast Party Board

  1. Open Book Invitations - I love this invitation's nod to the movie as well as Belle's love of books.
  2. French Fries - Definitely a win/win - all kids love french fries (no matter their age) and your budget will too.  The key to making great crispy fries is to keep them frozen until the minute you are ready to cook them.
  3. Yellow Macarons - French Macarons are a very popular party treat right now, and the recipe in the link is delightful.  But, if you are not an experienced baker try this Cake Popper recipe from Betty Crocker (use lemon cake mix) to get a similar look.
  4. Peach Lemonade - We served peach lemonade at our Mad Hatter Tea Party using a similar recipe - I substituted ginger ale for half of the water - and it was yummy!  
  5. Ham & Pineapple Kabobs - These kabobs look fancy but  are easy to make, and it's a crowd pleaser even with the picky eaters.
  6. Fifi The Featherduster - She is known as Fifi and Babbett, but she is the beautiful feather duster (and Lumiere's girlfriend) in the movie and musical. Add plastic eyes to the handle and a doll sized hat to the top.  
  7. Yellow & Blue Dessert Table - I love the look of this table but you can choose different blue & yellow treats to fit your guests pallet from lemon drops to blue berries, macarons to dipped marshmallows.  Just keep the color pallet yellow & blue.  
  8. Belle Cake Pops - If you are not a diy person you can find gorgeous cake pops on Etsy or online, but if you are a baker check out the Mrs. Potts cake pops below.  Both of them work great with our theme.
  9. Beauty and the Beast Poster - Frame this beautiful poster and hang it behind the food table or sweets table for decoration, and you have artwork for the birthday girl's room after the party's over.
  10. Yellow & Blue Table Setting - I adore the color combo for this table setting, and while I know it could be expensive using real dinner ware use this as inspiration for paper/plastic plates, cups and utensils.  
  11. Magical Mirror - The handheld mirror Beast gives Belle is important to the movie plot, so it deserves a place at the party.  Add the clip art below (printed on a transparency) to the front of the mirror to make it more authentic to the story.
  12. Foot Stool/Dog - If you own a foot stool cover it with red fabric or scarves and add tassels from your local craft/fabric store.  
  13. Library Medallions - These cute medallions are made from pages from old worn out books.  Another great nod to Belle's love of books.
  14. Petits Fours - Bite size deliciousness!! They carry these at a local bakery and I love them, but if you are looking for a diy project use the recipe from Taste of Home in the link or use Sara Lee butter pound cake found in the freezer section of your supermarket and top them with poured icing ala Amy Atlas.  
  15. Crown Sandwiches - Make your birthday girl's favorite sandwich and cut them out with a crown shaped cookie cutter.  I would recommend pb&j, pimento cheese, and chicken or tuna salad.
  16. Story Time with Belle - Have big sister or a local teen don a blue dress and read Beauty and the Beast to the party goers.  It's a simple touch, but the kids will love it.
Here are a couple more great ideas for the party:
DIY Chip kit (cup not included) from KreationsParties on Etsy.

Mrs. Potts cake pops from the queen herself - Bakerella.
Print this Beast Clip art onto a transparency sheet and slip it  in front of the glass of the handheld mirror.
Hope you enjoyed today's Beauty and the Beast Party Board.  As always, be sure to let me know if you use any of the ideas here, I would love to see pictures.

Have a Magical Day!!
Donna Kay


  1. I love Beauty and the Beast! Those open book invitations are so cute! Great ideas (as always!)!

    1. Thanks Beth! I like the invites too, they are so different. You are always so sweet to comment on my Disney party boards. Hugs!!

    2. I plan to someday be able to save I have used ideas from every one of them! :-)

  2. I am so excited about this. My daughter IsaBELLE is turning one next moth and these ideas are just what i was looking for!! Thanks so much!


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