Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cinderella Premiere Party

Cinderella will be available on Blu Ray for the first time on October 2,2012.  Since that's just days away why don't we examine some great ways to celebrate...
You can pre-order today from the Disney Store!!
Start with some cheese and crackers - remember Cinderella gave Jaq & Gus cheese so celebrate with them by serving some great cheese & crackers with some great fruit added if or color and texture.

Glove Silverware Holders - A great craft project for you to do with your little princess!! They were originally  meant to serve as invitation holders but I thought they would be really cure to hold your silverware!! Simply place their hand on a doily and trace it, cut out two and glue the edges together, leaving  the top open.  Use them to hold the silverware for your dinner after they dry. 

Quiche Lorraine - There is some question as to the country in which Cinderella is set, I have always believed it was France, so I think Quiche Lorriane would be perfect as the main dish for you dinner.  It is much easier to make than you thing, and this recipe from Betty Crocker is delicious!!  I do cheat and use ready made crust (shhh!! don't tell anybody)!

Garden Salad - The quiche is pretty rich and decadent, so I would go light on the side dish and choose a simple garden salad.  Be sure to include everyones favorite veggies.  

Cinderella Cupcakes - I thought these cupcakes were a perfect way to celebrate!! The blue icing is a great nod to Cinderella's dress and Blu Ray...the iridescent slipper made from white chocolate is a tribute to the iconic glass slipper from the movie.  And let's face it, EVERYONE loves cupcakes!!

Of course you have to have popcorn and candy while you watch the movie - just like in the theater.  But, if you are looking for an alternative to the traditional nachos you find at the movies, try these Apple Nachos! A great combination of thin apple slices with melted peanut butter, pecans, coconut and chocolate chips.  You could always substitute caramel sauce for the peanut butter if you prefer. 

Hope you enjoy your new Cinderella, take the time to prop up your feet and enjoy it with the kids, or by yourself.  

Have a Magical Day!!
Donna Kay

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