Friday, September 28, 2012

2 Days Until Once Upon A Time!!

I tend to fall in love with shows, usually shows that don't stay around for very long.  I loved My Name Is Earl - when it went off the air it was it's Once Upon A Time (yes, I do realize what an eclectic group of shows that is).  As far as Once Upon A Time is concerned, I am quite sure it's my Disney DNA that is what made me fall in love with this show.  WARNING: if you follow my blog there is a good chance you will become addicted too!!

Now that the new fall TV season has started I have been eagerly counting down the days until "The Magic Is Coming."  Sure, I've watch the new shows that have premiered in the past couple of weeks ,but Once is the show I have been anxiously counting down the days for.  If you happen to be someone who is not already a fan of the show and need to get caught up, ABC now has ONCE 101 on their homepage.  It's simply the quickest way to catch up on season one so that you are up to date.  Even if you are a fan like me, it's a great way to refresh your memory before Sunday's season premiere.  Here's a taste of what you will find there:

If you are planning on celebrating the premiere with friends this Sunday, I suggest a Season One marathon followed by a Season Two Premiere Party.  Be sure to check out my Once Upon A Time Party Board for some inspiration.  If you are looking for some great trivia questions, you can find some great questions on my Disney Donna Kay Facebook Page. You may have to go pretty far down the page, the trivia questions were posted on August 7th.  You may even want to try the Once Upon A Time Opening Trivia game - Have you noticed that almost every episode has different shadowed figures in the Enchanted Forest?  I have printed all 14 that Once Upon A Time has posted on their Facebook page.  I am using them for a trivia game, I will number each one and guests will guess which opening goes with which episode. 

If you are a huge fan like me be sure to follow the show and cast on Twitter, and like them on Facebook.  ONCE podcast is another great way to keep up with the show and interact with other Oncers.  

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!! You know where  I will be on Sunday night at 7:00, I may even have to have a little apple strudel in honor of Regina...

Have a Magical Day!!
Donna Kay


  1. I do not watch but I thinks that going to change. I keep seeing the clips and I'm dying to see whats it all about ;-)

  2. Diane, you would LOVE it!! I missed the first episode and finally got to see it a few weeks ago. Go watch it on Netflix or on their website, I promise you won't be disappointed. :)


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