Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Disney Party Boards...Sleeping Beauty

I really had a hard time narrowing things down this week due to my love of all things Sleeping Beauty.  Don't be surprised if I add some more party ideas later this week...

Sleeping Beauty Party

  1. Briar Rose Sugar Cookie - This cookie would be a wonderful tribute to Aurora growing up in the forest with the Good Fairies.  I recommend using ready to bake sugar cookies, or even fresh baked ones from your local bakery.  The icing rose is so simple, using a 1M decorating time simple start in the center of the cookie, applying even pressure make a circle to the outside.
  2. Fauna's Cake - This is one of the most amazing cakes I have ever seen!! I'm not sure how she got it to remain standing!!  I love this scene from the movie, it's so much fun!!
  3. Maleficent's Staff - You can simply place Maleficent's staff, complete with Raven,  in the corner as a subtle reminder of Disney's most evil villain.
  4. Briar Rose's Berries - We had to use those berries Briar Rose went into the forest to pick.  I love the variety here using different types of chocolate and toppings. They are tasty and beautiful!!
  5. Aurora/Briar Rose Table Setting - This is such a beautiful table setting, it combines the pink of Princess Aurora's dress with the gray of Briar Rose's dress - and the colors complement each other beautifully.  The vines used could easily be changed to small branches from your own yard spray painted gray with pink rose buds hot glued to the ends.  I also love the clear plates and silver utensils, one of my favorite table settings ever.
  6. Princess Aurora Costume - Nobody does princess costumes better than Disney - enough said.
  7. Castle Backdrop - You can purchase this pink castle silhouette and attach it to a canvas to use as a backdrop for your sweets table, or as a welcome sign for your guests.  If you own a Silhouette (use castle design #5489) or Circut, it's a great DIY project that shouldn't take very much time.
  8. Flora, Fauna & Merryweather - These Good Fairies are always there to watch over Aurora, so it is an absolute must that they attend your party too.  You could place them on a table or shelf, or even hang them with fishing line in a corner.
  9. Sleeping Beauty Book - This beautiful book is a decorative box, and I love the idea of having our guests place a nice note to the birthday girl inside.  Of course, you could always add jeweled decoration to the cover like the one in the movie.
  10. Berry Partaits - Briar rose must have found a LOT of berries!!! Layer mixed berries with white chocolate mousse, if your young guests prefer use whipped cream or ice cream instead.
  11. Bedazzle My Bonbons - I am always amazed by the beautiful cake pops made by Bedazzle My Bonbons!! They almost look too good to eat!!
  12. Royal Scroll Invitation - Invite your party guest via Royal Decree!! I love this idea!!
  13. Strawberry Milkshake - Berries & the pink color make these milkshakes a great addition to the party, and EVERYBODY loves milkshakes, right??
  14. Ham & Cheese Pinwheel Sandwiches - I say ham & cheese because they are usually a good pick for kids, but this post has lots of good recipes that are healthy and delicious.
  15. Woodland Friends Trail Mix - We can't forget Briar Rose's friends in the forest.  This trail mix is full of nuts, dried fruit, granola and even a little chocolate for the kids.
  16. Good Fairy Wands - How adorable are these pretzel fairy wands??  Salty and sweet is always a yummy combination.
  17. Rose Chandelier - Who knew you could make such a cute chandelier using a hula hoop and artificial flowers!! There is a great tutorial, and it seem pretty easy to make.
For a fun gift for the girls you can make these adorable floral crowns, and maybe a Sword of Truth and Shield of Virtue for the boys in the crowd.

Hope you like this week's party, maybe Lexi will get to have a Sleeping Beauty party soon.

Have a Magical Day!!
Donna Kay


  1. Love it! My little girl wants a Sleeping Beauty party!

    1. Hi Krissy!! You daughter has fabulous taste, Sleeping Beauty is my favorite princess. I would love to see pictures of your party!!


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