Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Disney Party Boards - Snow White a la Once Upon A Time

Snow White has had a bit of a revival of late.  She can be seen in Mirror, Mirror and Snow White and the Huntsman on the big screen - but by far my favorite reincarnation of Disney's first princess is on ABC's Once Upon A Time.  Last season had me glued to the TV on Sunday night, I promise you will find me there again this Fall.

For my last Snow White Party Board, I went with the traditional Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs theme geared toward kids.  Today's party is for adults, consider this a great reason to plan a Premiere Party when Once Upon A Time return on September 30th at 8/7c.

Once Upon A Time Party Board

  1. Snow's Wanted Poster - In episode 3, Snow Falls, Charming finds a Wanted Poster of Snow. Post it on a tree in the yard for guests to see as they arrive, or frame it and place it in the TV room as artwork.  
  2. Apollo Candy Bar Wrapper - No, I'm not confused...in the 9th episode, True North, it's one of the items Ava & Nicholas take from the Storybrooke Drug store and try to pin it on Henry.
  3. Clock Set At 8:15 - Set a clock at 8:15, which is the time the Storybrooke Clock Tower was stuck on - at least until Emma showed up... You can set another clock for 7:15 - that's the time Mary Margaret and David would go Granny's Diner for coffee to "accidentally" run into each other in episode 10, 7:15.
  4. Welcome to Storybrooke Sign - Make your own Welcome to Storybrooke sign and hang it on the door to set the mood as your guests arrive.
  5. True Love Potion Cocktail - There are several bright pink cocktail recipes in this link.  If you
  6. Regina's Wallpaper - Have you noticed the forest wallpaper in Regina's office?  I think it makes the perfect backdrop for a food table.
  7. Lasagna Cups - Why lasagna?  In episode #12, The Stranger, Regina cooks lasagna for David after he gives her a ride home.  These lasagna cups are more portable so guests can enjoy them while watching the Season 2 premiere.
  8. Hot Chocolate - I realize it will not be very cold in Alabama the end of September, but this is a nod to Henry, Emma and Mary Margaret - all of whom drink hot chocolate with cinnamon at Granny's Diner. You could set up a hot chocolate bar or make a large batch of Mexican Hot Chocolate using this recipe, use your crockpot to keep it warm. 
  9. Apple Strudel - May not be Regina's famous apple strudel recipe, but here's a good one for you to try.  If you are pressed for time, pick up some apple cinnamon Toaster Strudel, cut them into pieces about 2 inches wide and them top them with glaze.
  10. Sandwiches from Granny's Diner - You can wrap the sandwiches using parchment paper or butcher paper and tie them with bakers twine.  Display them in a picnic basket, just like Red Riding Hood would carry!! 
  11. Poison Apples - How great are these apples!! I love everything about them, caramel, nuts and especially the rustic stick!!
  12. Little Golden Books - Place Little Golden Books depicting the stories featured in Season 1, and the ones we know will be in Season 2 (Sleeping Beauty, Mulan, Peter Pan), around the room.  Stack several on top of each other and place food trays on top to add interest to your food table.
  13. Items from Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop - Place items you would find in Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop randomly round the rooms.  Perhaps a compass like this one from episode 9, True North, or a Genie's lamp, manual typewriter, a chess set, a stuffed white rabbit, even Captain Hook's hook.  These would be sure to keep the conversation flowing!
  14. Once Upon A Time Opening Trivia - Have you noticed that almost every episode has different shadowed figures in the Enchanted Forest?  I have printed all 14 that Once Upon A Time has posted on their Facebook page.  I am using them for a trivia game, I will number each one and guests will guess which opening goes with which episode.  The winner gets Season 1 on DVD.
  15. Magic Mirror - This mirror is pretty elaborate, and pretty hard to replicate - just look for an ornately framed mirror.  Next, print a picture of Genie/Magic Mirror/Sidney on a transparency and attach it to the front of your mirror.  
  16. Baskets of Apples - Do you know what variety of apple tree Regina has tended to since she was a little girl?   Honey Crisp, they usually use Red Delicious on the show, either way you go be sure to have baskets of apples - you can give some as party favors to your guests too.
  17. Once Upon A Time Season 1- Great prize for the trivia contest!!  

Here's your picture of Genie/Magic Mirror to use to make your own Magic Mirror (#15)
Photo is property of ABC Television.
The pictures I had printed for the Once  Upon A Time Opening Trivia turned out pretty good, but I am quite sure the girl at the Walmart Photo Center thought I was some kind of weirdo...  I will be posting a tutorial for the game later this week.

I scoured the internet looking for a book like Henry's to no avail.  Attention marketing people at ABC - you are missing out on big dollars!!  Get a Once Upon A Time book on the market!!

Photo is property of ABC Television.

If you prefer to have a trivia game prior to the Season 2 Premiere that would be lots of fun too.  As a matter of fact, I will be posting Once Upon A Time trivia on my Facebook Page throughout the day today, I hope you will join in!!

Have a Magical Day!!
Donna Kay


  1. I have not even seen one episode of Once Upon a Time, but it looks like I need to! What a great party for adults!

  2. OMG Beth you would LOVE it!! All of the episodes are available at http://beta.abc.go.com/shows/once-upon-a-time/ It is seriously addicting!! You've got plenty of time to catch up before September 30th!

  3. Oh Beth, you need to watch. It should be number one on the list for any Disney fan!

    Donna - love the party boards! The little details and "easter eggs" in this show is what makes it one of the best! Thanks for sharing.

    1. I know Rosanne! I would love to plunder through Mr. Gold's Pawn Shop.

    2. They should totally put one in DHS! We should work for Disney.


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