Thursday, August 30, 2012

Disney Party Boards - Adult Sleeping Beauty Party

Just because you grow up doesn't mean you stop loving your favorite Disney Princess. I thought I would add a Party Board geared more toward the over 21 crowd.  Whether you are having a birthday party or a baby or bridal shower your guest of honor is sure to love these Sleeping Beauty party ideas!!

Sleeping Beauty Adult Party Board

  1. Pink Martini - Made with pink vodka and pomegranate juice and garnished with a blood orange peel curl or a cherry, this may just be the prettiest martini you've ever had.
  2. Pink Rose Centerpiece - Love this centerpiece!! I don't know if you could fit another rose in the vase!! Very simple, but very elegant.
  3. Love Potion - This recipe with pink lemonade, raspberry sherbet & lemon lime soda is for a virgin cocktail, just add vodka if you prefer a "leaded" version.
  4. Once Upon A Time - This pink decal is perfect for a welcome sign on the door as your guests enter the party.  Easy to make on your own if you have a Silhouette use item #14235, 6690 or 1832.
  5. Roulade - This roulade is made from sliced ham, Parmesan & soft goat cheeses and herbs.  The pinwheels look impressive, but they are simple to make.
  6. White Ceramic Owl - A nod to Briar Rose's woodland friends that she danced with in the forest, the white ceramic owl does double duty as party & home decor.
  7. Pink Dessert Display - This gorgeous pink dessert table works because of the varied heights of the food and serving trays.  Choose your favorite pink desserts - from cupcakes and macaroons to gumballs and jelly beans - and you are sure to have something perfect for everyone in attendance.
  8. Baked Brie - This baked brie topped with orange liqueur, raisins and honey (maybe add some walnuts) goes great with crackers, apples or pears.  
  9. Bruschetta - You can top bruschetta with any of your favorite toppings, you are only limited by your imagination.  Just slice your baguette and let the fun begin!! The ones pictures are mushroom and parmigiano.
  10. Happily Ever After - Make another sign using this "Happily Ever After" decal and place it on the exit door for guests to see as they leave the party.  For you Silhouette owners look for item #2613, 14234 or 6945.
  11. Prosciutto Wrapped Melon - Appetizers get no easier than this, using a melon baller scoop you melon, or slice it into cubes if you prefer and simply wrap it with prosciutto and secure it with a toothpick.
  12. White Ceramic Squirrel - Another of Briar Rose's woodland friends.  An alternative to buying these online is to look for the animals at thrift stores and spray paint them white.
Now, go find a friend who is getting married or having a birthday so you can throw your own Sleeping Beauty party, you could even use some of these ideas for a Girls Night Out.

Have a Magical Day!!
Donna Kay

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