Monday, July 9, 2012

Mad Hatter Tea Party Countdown- 5 Days to Go

I can't believe it's almost here!!  I have 5 more days to get everything ready for our Mad Hatter Tea Party for Tripp.  The past week has been filled with cleaning and crafting.  I have worked on a banner, a tulle table skirt, fabric cupcake toppers, a wreath and hats for our decor.  I have deep cleaned my kitchen, bathroom and living room.  I have tested a great recipe for cupcakes (it's a doctored cake mix and it's FABULOUS).  

So now it's time for the finishing touches.  The hats are constructed, but need the final details, the banners have to be hung, butterflies need to be made, lot's of baking to be done.  If you've ever had a party, you know the drill.  My main goal this week is to get as much as humanly possible done before Saturday morning.  Wish me luck!!

Today I want to share a couple of tutorials I used for making the Mad Hatter Hats.  I found this Mini Top Hat Tutorial and used it in combination with a tutorial from Over the Crescent Moon for my hats.  I did tweak a little here and there, watch the video and check out the step by step tutorial and I will share my changes and show you my (almost) finished product.

Here are my tweaks - I wanted a larger hat than these, so I used a larger and more sturdy plastic cup (not a disposable one).  I also felt that the hat would be too tall if I used the full cup, so my hubby cut them down approximately 4 inches shorter for me, which gave me a hat between 7-8 inches tall.  I don't sew, so lots of glue for me.  I covered each piece of the hat individually before assembling it using an Elmer's Glue Stick, gluing a small section at a time.  I did use my hot glue gun to attach the fabric on the inside of the cup both top and bottom, and to attach the top to my hat.  I decorated my hat before attaching it to the brim, this made it much easier to work with.  Here is my ALMOST finished product, I need to attach trim to the edges of the top and brim.  

I will be doing a "Real Party" board after the party, be sure to look for the final product then.  Please leave me a comment if you would like me to do a step by step tutorial, I can do it after the party is over.    

Have a Magical Day!!
Donna Kay


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