Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Disney Party Boards...Disney Nerds Party

I LOVE DISNEY NERDS!! If you have been reading DDK very long, this comes as no surprise - I have confessed my love for pocket protectors and horn rimmed glasses before.  I scoured the net looking for a Disney Nerds Party, and there were none to be found.  I have now corrected this great travesty to humankind.  Here is this week's Disney Party Board - Disney Nerds Rock!!

Disney Nerds Rock!!

  1. Table Setting - This table setting is so simple, yet so perfect for a Disney Nerd party!! One thing I might change, use a pocket protector to hold the silverware.
  2. Books - Simple decor that you probably already have around!! Use short book stacks on your food table to vary the height of your clipboard food trays (#6) to add interest!  If you don't like to book covers, make your own temporary cover using kraft paper or news papers - even comic strips or wrapping paper.
  3. Disney Nerds Pin Set - Great to add to your favor box!! Buy the set and split them up!!
  4. Smarties - Smarties and Nerds, the two perfect candies for a Disney Nerds party!! You can display them as shown or put them in test tubes and beakers to go with the theme.
  5. Favor Box - Decorate cigar type boxes to look like lap tops and add a "nerd kit" for each guest.  Include a pair of nerd glasses (#7), Mickey Ears (#15), a book mark, a pocket protector filled with pens and a 6" ruler, Nerds candy, and a Disney Nerds Pin (#3).  I would give these to the guests as soon as the majority of them arrive so everyone can wear the glasses and Mickey Ears during the party.
  6. Clipboard - You can buy predecorated clipboards or make your own and use them as serving trays. Use stacked books to vary the height of the trays to add interest to the table.
  7. Nerd Glasses - These are a MUST HAVE item for your party!! See #5.
  8. Name Tags - You can find these "Hello My Name Is..." tags at any office supply store.  I would suggest hand writing the food names on these tags rather than using the computer too.
  9. Science Fair Experiment - Layered Jello in beakers, so great for this party, they look like an ongoing experiment.  They take a little time to prepare, but they can be done a few days in advance.
  10. Banner - Use dictionary pages for the pennant portion of your banner.  Separate the words with Mickey icons and nerd glasses.
  11. Colored Pencil Centerpiece - This centerpiece is so cute, if you prefer you can use those good old yellow #2 pencils we all used in school instead of the colored ones.  You could fill a couple with flowers and a couple with the pinwheels in #14.
  12. Smart Cookies - Such a cute treat, place them at a table next to the door for guests to take home.  The tag should say - "You're One Smart Cookie - Thanks for coming to my party!!"
  13. BioHazard Drinks -  Make a green bio hazard punch and put in mason jars, add a straw with a bio hazard tag.  Great for the nerdy budding scientist at the party.  See the cute Nerds candy in the test tube here too, great idea!!  You could also put other small candies in the tubes as well.
  14. Pinwheels - If you have old books that are just too worn our to read anymore, or that little ones have torn pages out of you can take the pages that are still in good shape and make pinwheels!! The more colorful the better.
  15. Mickey Ears - These are simple headband ears that keep your budget in line, but that are another MUST HAVE for your party!! See #5.
  16. Edible Chess Set - We all know nerds love to play chess, can you think of anything better way to play than with an edible chess set?
  17. Invitation - This cute invite is from Ever After Printables.  I don't see it in her Etsy store anymore, but this link is to her site, and I am sure she will accommodate your request.
I would say this party would be best for tweens and teens, have the guests come dressed  in their best nerdy attire - knee socks and skirts for the girls, super hero t-shirts or bow ties and high water pants for the guys.  Have a mock Scholars Bowl using Disney trivia with Disney Nerd merchandise as prizes. Here are some prize ideas:
I have to tell you, I think this is one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE party boards so far.  Hope you like it too!!

Have a Magical Day!!
Donna Kay


  1. Brilliance! Now to have a party with all my nerdy friends :D

    1. Thanks D!! I will be watching for my invite!!

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that's soooooo cute!!! We love the Disney Nerds at our house! Great job!

    1. Thanks P.T.! I LOVE the Disney Nerds!! My birthday is next month, maybe I should plan myself a party...

  3. Oh my gosh! My daughter Gracie would LOVE this theme! I might have to start planning a party for her next birthday!

    1. Heidi you really need to do it!! I do these party boards wishing I could throw a big party every week. I would love to go to a Disney Nerd party.

  4. Brilliant party ideas! Disney Nerds Rule!!


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