Thursday, July 26, 2012

Did You Know...A Very Merry Birthday Alice In Wonderland

A Very Merry Birthday is in order today, July 29, 1951 Alice In Wonderland premiered at the Leicester Theatre in London.  I thought we would celebrate with some interesting facts about Disney's 13th animated classic.
  • Kathryn Beaumont was just 10 years old when she was hired by Walt to play Alice.  According to Beaumont Walt was looking for a voice that "would be English enough to satisfy British audiences, not so English that it would put off American Audiences."  Walt must have been happy with his choice, Ms Beaumont went on to play Wendy in Peter Pan.
  • Kathryn not only did voice for Alice, she also filmed each scene - dressed in Alice's famous blue dress of course.  Animators referred to the footage to bring the animated Alice to life.
  • Prior to Snow White, Walt had considered an Alice In Wonderland feature film with a live action Alice in an animated Wonderland.  In 1933 he even did a screen test with Mary Pickford in the role of Alice. 
  • Wanting to keep some of Lewis Carroll's verses and poems, Walt commissioned top songwriters to write songs around them.  In all, 30 songs were written, many of the making their way into the film.  In fact, Alice In Wonderland has more songs than any Disney film.
  • Alice In Wonderland was nominated for a Best Score Academy Award, but lost to An American In Paris.
  • Alice In Wonderland was the first Disney animated film to give credit to the voice actors.  This would not happen again until The Jungle Book in 1967.
  • The Door Knob does not appear in the Lewis Carroll books, the character was created by Disney animators.
  • The time on the White Rabbit's pocket watch is 12:25.
  • The card in the Mad Hatter's hat reads "This style is 10/6" which means the cost of the hat was ten shillings and six pence.  
  • Watch for a Hidden Mickey in the scene when Alice grows and gets stuck in the White Rabbit's house.  It is in the flame as the DoDo bird lights his pipe.
  • Alice In Wonderland was Disney's first theatrical release to be shown on television.  The television version was only an hour long and had several scenes cut.
  • Grossing only $2.4 million in 1951, Alice In Wonderland was considered a flop.  It gained renewed interest in the 1960's, on college campuses in particular.
I am going to leave you with a great scene from the movie, hope you enjoy!!

Have a Magical Day!!
Donna Kay


  1. We happen to love this movie! With so many characters and songs, my kids could watch this over and over!

    1. It is really a great movie, I have found that a lot of my favorite Disney Movies are the ones that didn't do so great at the box office.


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