Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Disney Party Boards - Princess Jasmine Birthday Party

Sometimes in life a girl's got some tough decisions to make.  For instance, which Disney Princess do I want as the theme for my birthday party this year? Such is the dilemma facing Hayley, the daughter of my friend Beth from Pursuing the Magic, and Queen of The Magical Blogorail.  In an effort to help with the decision making process, I have put together a Jasmine Party Board today and will be posting an Ariel Party Board soon.  Good Luck with your decision Princess Hayley!!

I chose turquoise and royal purple as the main colors for this party.  Look for scarves, lanterns, paper medallions in these rich, fun hues - they will be perfect!

Jasmine Party Board

  1. Genie Lamp - I love this simple gold lamp!  I bet you will find guest rubbing it just to be sure the "Genie of the Lamp" doesn't pop out.  Better be planning those three wishes, just in case.
  2. Jasmine Invitation - There are several Jasmine invitations to choose from on Etsy, but my favorite was this one with it's turquoise damask background.
  3. Chair Bows - I love the sheer iridescent ribbon used to make these chair bows.  In #4  I suggest using floor pillows instead of chairs but you could always have chairs available through out the room, especially if adults will be joining the party.
  4. Table and Floor Pillows  - Grab some oversize throw pillows and add a couple of scarves to brighten them up.  Place them around your coffee table for a great place for the Princesses to dine.
  5. Genie Lamp Cookies - These cookies are so simple and cute.  Outline your cookies with turquoise royal icing.  After they dry flood them with royal icing and place a fondant genie lamp in the middle.
  6. The Sultan's Marshmallow Pops - There are so many things I love about  this Marshmallow Pop display.  I love that they doubled the marshmallows before dipping them in turquoise candy melts and covered them in sugar pearls.  I also love the way they filled the bottom of the serving tray with blue & white candies. Definitely one of my favorite Marshmallow Pop displays ever!!
  7. Hourglass - Remember when Jafar trapped Jasmine in the hourglass? Use them as decor around the room, include them as centerpieces on the table or as accents on a sweets table.
  8. Jeweled Brownie Bites - Bake your brownies in mini cupcake tins, top with chocolate butter cream and add a decorative fondant jewel.
  9. Purple Cake Pops - I'm not sure I could do a Party Board without cake pops, they are so simple and are all the rage right now.  Love these purple ones, I would definitely look for candy melts that have already been tinted.
  10. Scarves - Go shopping for some fun scarves, especially turquoise and purple, and use them to tie around your floor pillows.  The scarves can be given to guests as favors when the party is over. You could also hang scarves in a doorway and tie them back with the bow from #3.
  11. Marshmallow Flowers & Cake Pop Spoons - I am crazy about these marshmallow flowers!! The base looks like a votive holder, just change the colors to fit your pallet.  Again with the cakepops, I know.  I have never seen them made on spoons like this before, a nice change from the lollipop stick.
  12. Minaret Meringues - You should be able to find meringues at your local grocery store, but if you prefer you could also use Mallomars. You can attached any small round candy to the top using a small dot of icing.
  13. Dahlia Tealight Lanterns - Whether the party in inside or out these Dahlia Lanterns are sure to brighten things up.  They would look great hung over the patio or deck all Summer too!
  14. Genie Juice & Jasmine Tea - For this party they chose lemonade for the Genie Juice, but you could always go with a blue punch too - even Sprite with blue Koolaid ice cubes.  You could use actual tea for the Jasmine tea or go with a purple colored punch like a grape flavor.
  15. Purple Medallions - This wall display of paper medallions makes a big statement!  I would even add some white and turquoise to the mix.  Whether you make your own or purchase them be sure to vary the size to make it more appealing.
  16. Birthday Banner - I chose this downloadable version from Etsy, but they are a snap to make with a Silhouette or Cricut.  If you make your own add dimension with pop dots and some sparkle with rhinestones.
  17. Table Setting - These chargers in jewel tones are perfect for this party.  I found them for $2.99 at my local Michaels.  A colorful napkin with the bracelet below as a napkin ring is a great compliment to the chargers!  Use an hourglass #7 or Genie's Lamp #1 on top of a colorful scarf for the centerpiece.
  18. Hanging Scarves - I love the way these sheer scarves are hung over the lamps.  They add ambiance and color to the room.
  19. Caramel Apple Bar - Jasmine took an apple to give Abu in the marketplace.  Pay homage to the scene by having a caramel apple bar.  Everyone loves a display of sprinkles, nuts, crushed cookies & candy, right? pair these with apples and caramel sauce and you have very happy guests. Keep your caramel warm for dipping in a small crock pot, remember to stir it often. Everyone will love making their own combination of flavors.
  20. Agrabah Chicken Kabobs - Even the pickiest of eaters will love these chicken nugget kabobs with broccoli and carrots.  Be sure to give the kids a choice of sauce including ketchup, ranch and a Tahini sauce for the adventurous eaters.
  21. Jasmine's PB&J Pitas - Pitas are are a Middle Eastern staple, and what kid doesn't love PB&J? I would say they are the perfect combo!
  22. Aladdin's Magical Pretzels - I think this is the first time I have ever seen pretzels dipped in purple.  I love the contrast of the white sugar pearls too.
  23. Abu's  Fruit Kabobs - I think you should always add a healthier choice for the children, and these colorful fruit kabobs fit the bill.
I found this easy and oh so cute bracelet I thought would be perfect for your fashionable guests.
Can you believe these bracelets are made of toilet paper rolls, elbow macaroni and gold spray paint?  They are absolutely brilliant!!  You could paint the bracelets themselves and have the girls add jewels as a fun activity at the party.

Don't forget Rajah!  Maybe add a large stuffed tiger along the base of a wall or beside the floor pillows.  

Hope you enjoyed my Jasmine Birthday Party Board!  Be watching for Ariel very soon!  Good luck choosing Hayley!

Have a Magical Day!
Donna Kay


  1. Such great ideas! I can't wait to show Hayley. Looking forward to seeing your Ariel party board. Fingers crossed Hayley can final make decision! :-)I Thanks, Donna Kay!

    1. You're welcome Beth! I had fun finding everything. I hope Hayley has the BEST birthday EVER!! HUGS!!

  2. This gives me a wonderful ideas for my daughters next birthday theme party.


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