Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Disney Party Boards - Clarabelle Cow Milk & Cookies Party

Clarabelle Cow has produced way too much milk and we sure don't want it to spoil...so we are throwing a  Milk & Cookies Party!!  Everyone loves cookies, and nothing goes better with cookies than milk!!

Clarabelle Cow Milk & Cookies Party

  1. Daisy Centerpieces - The simple daisies reminded me of Clarabelle's hat and the bright yellow vase, her shoes.
  2. Cow Bell - Just set these bright yellow cow bells around to accent the room.  
  3. Clarabelle Cow Invitation - I used a Clarabelle Cow clipart to make this simple invitation.  It can easily be changed for a birthday or other celebration. 
  4. Old Fashioned Milk Bottles - Old fashioned milk bottles are all the rage now.  This pair is perfect with the metal carrier (they come as a set here).  Be sure to click the link the cupcake toppers are pretty cute too!
  5. Clarabelle Cow Cake Pops - I was so excited when I saw these Clarabelle Cow cake pops!  There are pretty good directions in the link.
  6. Red & White Stripped Treat Bags - These little treat bags are perfect for guests who want to take cookies home with them.  You may want to prepackage a couple of cookies inside and leave them by the door for guests to pick up as they head home.
  7. Milk Carton Treat Boxes - Love these milk carton treat boxes, just change your color scheme from blue to red.  If you are a DIYer a similar milk carton is available for the Silhouette Cameo (milk_carton_box_-_small_C01661_17986 12/14/2011).
  8. Oreo Cake - It would be hard to find a better cake for our theme than this oversized Oreo made with pans from Williams-Sonoma.  Try this recipe from Kraft to make the cake.
  9. Grilled Cheese Bar - Got to have a little savory to go with all this sweetness today!  This grilled cheese buffet is wonderful!!  They included meats, cheese and jams (you could use a George Forman Grill for build your own guests), but you could easily premake some grilled cheese ahead of time using pepper jack, gouda, cheddar, colby jack or any other cheese you love,  for your guests.  Keep them warm in the oven until time to serve.
  10. Red & White Stripped Cups - Keeping with the theme of red & white stripes these cups fit in perfectly.
  11. Red & White Stripped Straws - I love these straws, but what really makes them FABULOUS is the small celebrate flag - and the great milk bottle they are sitting in.  Be sure to click the link on this one. :)
  12. Milk Bottle Cookies - This is our theme rolled into one cookie!! They look fantastic don't you think?
  13. Cheesy Popcorn - Just buy premade cheesy popcorn  and fill these great red & white popcorn boxes, can't get much easier than that!
  14. Chocolate Chip Cookies - Toll House Cookies are a tried and true favorite, but you could just as easily go with ready to bake cookies from the grocery store, chocolate chip cookies from your favorite bakery or even Chips Ahoy.
  15. Grab & Go Table Setting - This is probably not the most practical place setting because of the big bow, but isn't it adorable!! 
  16. Gingham Tablecloth - This red and white gingham tablecloth fits our theme wonderfully!  Another great thing is that you can find a version of this tablecloth anywhere in the country.
  17. Oreo Cookie Tiered Tower - A lot of Oreo's and a LOT of patience and you can create this fabulous Oreo Cake Tower, it would be a great centerpiece to the sweets table!!
  18. Butter Cookies & Milk - I have wanted to use this idea since the first time I saw it on the internet!! So simple, but so cute!! Remember to keep your milk in the refrigerator until the absolute last minute so it's good and cold for your guests.  
This party would not be complete with out one more thing:
Clarabelle Cow Tails!!

There are literally hundreds of different types of cookies to choose from, I just chose the obvious favorites for this party board.  If you have a favorite recipe be sure to include it.  Don't forget to add variety to the milk - chocolate and strawberry are favorites (you can buy them premixed or include syrups at the milk station).  I've seen coffee ice cubes in milk all over Pinterest lately too!   Don't forget to have skim, 2% and whole milk choices for your guests too.  

Hope you enjoyed Clarabelle Cow's Milk & Cookies Party!! 

Have a Magical Day!!
Donna Kay

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