Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Disney Party Boards - Ariel (The Little Mermaid) Party Board

It's time for Hayley's Ariel Party Board so she can choose her birthday party theme.  (Here's a link to last weeks Jasmine Party Board in case you missed it.)  I don't think you could go wrong either way, I love both of these princesses!!

For your Ariel party, I would set the mood with music from the soundtrack playing in the background.  Possibly even a little karaoke - everyone loves to sing Kiss the Girl and Under the Sea, right?

Ariel (Little Mermaid) Party Board

  1. Ursula's Ink - Any purple punch will do, but the link has a good recipe.  I would omit the fruit and add clear soda (Sprite, Sierra Mist) ice cubes.
  2. Sebastian's Crab Eggs - Red cherries dipped in white chocolate (only dip the cherries 3/4 of the way not all the way to the stem).  You can use fresh cherries, like pictured here, or jarred maraschino cherries (jarred cherries will be VERY sweet).
  3. Flounder's Fish Sticks - Love the way these are displayed in blue cups with a yellow napkin - the perfect colors for Flounder.  There is a homemade fish stick recipe in the link, but I would opt for the easy way out and go with the frozen variety.
  4. Sand Dollar Cookies - Aren't these cookies so cute??  Fill the bottom of your serving tray with brown sugar for extra style points.
  5. Table Scape - A white table with blue napkins, plates and cups, simple but perfect for this party.
  6. Dinglehopper Marshmallow Pops - These marshmallows are adorable as they are but add a dinglehopper handle to add some Little Mermaid flair.
  7. Flounder Cupcakes - An easy change in candy colors makes these cupcakes a great match for our favorite guppie - Flounder! I love the cute Cheerio water bubbles too!
  8. Ariel's Wrist Corsage - These cute DIY wrist corsages are great party favors, and they can be used as napkin rings too!
  9. Sebastian Cupcakes - Just follow the great instructions in the link to make these cute Sebastian cupcakes.  
  10. Under The Sea Cake - This cake is so pretty, yet it looks like something you could actually do yourself.
  11. Sea Shell Welcome Sign - This DIY shell sign is a great way to welcome your guests to the party.  Just paint the seashells in color that coordinates with the party, hot glue them to a round piece of wood or a wreath, add your welcome sign in the middle.
  12. Wave Cupcakes - These cupcake wrappers are so cute!! I love the brown sugar sand and sea creature decorations too.
  13. Little Mermaid Invitation - I really liked this invitation, but  there are dozens to choose from on EBay and Etsy.  There's sure to be one that fit's your Little Mermaid's personality.
  14. Under the Sea Backdrop - Who know crepe paper could be so fancy looking?  I love the added touch of the cardstock bubbles!
  15. Mermaid Pearl Cake Pops - Edible iridescent power was brushed on these cake pops after the white chocolate coating had dried. These were created by Cravings by Wendy, be sure to stop by her blog for lots of fabulous treats! It really adds a WOW factor to them, don't you think?
  16. Salt Water Taffy Skewers - Another example of how something simple can be FABULOUS!  
  17. Seaglass Lollipops & White Chocolate Sea Shells - These see through lollipops in blue are reminiscent of sea glass and are perfectly paired with white chocolate sea shells.
  18. Oyster Pearl Cookies - Using store bought cookies, frosting and sugar pearls these oyster cookies make a big impact and taste yummy too!
  19. Fish Bowl Gelatin - From the party queen Martha Stewart, this fish bowl filled with gelatin and gummy fish make a great centerpiece.  They are inexpensive to make (buy a fishbowl at the dollar store) make a few and place them around the room.
  20. Peanut Butter & Jellyfish Sandwich - These pb&j sandwiches are nothing short of AWESOME!! decorated with peanut butter, strawberry jam and raisins the kids will love them too!!
  21. Tutu Favor Bags - I know I have shown these cute tutu treat bags for other parties, but they are so cute and a perfect party favor for little princesses.  Don't forget to put a string of pearls (from the dollar store or Walmart) and some of King Triton's Trident (gum) in the bags for a fun take home treat.
OK Hayley, it's up to you now.  Can't wait to see which Disney Princess you choose!!  

Have a Magical Day!
Donna Kay


  1. Perfect timing!! I'm planning my daughter's 4th birthday and she wants an Ariel theme! Thanks!!

    1. Glad it's in time for you PT. Be sure to click the links, there are a lot of other good ideas there.

  2. What great ideas! I love the Oyster Pearl Cookies! How easy and cute! Well, you will be excited to know Hayley has chosen her theme . . .finally. She is going with a Little Mermaid party, so this party board is going to come in quite handy! Thank you, Donna Kay!!

    1. How fun!! I can't wait to see your pictures!!


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