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Mentoring Mondays - Circle of Inspiration Jamie of My Dreaming Corner

Time for another Circle of Inspiration, and today we have Jamie from My Dreaming Corner.  Be sure to hop on over to her blog, I know you will love it!!

Jamie Robbins
Twitter: @jrobbins79
WDWFanZone/WDWRadio: Jamie Robbins

Favorite Disney Character: Belle & Stitch
Favorite Disney attraction: Haunted Mansion
Favorite Disney snack: Dole Whip Float

I was asked a couple weeks ago to be part of Disney Donna Kay's "Circle of Inspiration". At first I didn't know what to Someone's inspiration? I didn't think I mattered to anyone except my 5 year old daughter and a few close friends. Then I got to thinking, over the past 2 years I have become (or tried to become) very active in the online Disney community and while my name isn't as popular as Lou Mongello or Stuart Sternberg, I have found some great friends and maybe I do inspire some of them in some way.
I began blogging early last year just to have a place to be able to release my thoughts, ideas, and dreams. I knew I wanted to gear it towards Disney, since that is my passion, but I didn't want to be like a lot of other sites out there with news and rumors. So, I decided to keep it more personal, and would post very little throughout the year, not being able to really manage time to devote to blogging like I wanted. I did post leading up to a WDW trip in August, then a few posts in the fall and winter and only recently have I begun to post more. Currently I don't have too many followers and I don't think more than maybe 10 people read my blog, most of those are close friends. I am hoping to re-work my blog over the next few months, so check back often!!
There are a few members of the Disney community that actually inspired me to begin my own blog and who I actually would get to know through Facebook and Twitter and be honored to now call personal friends! I am sooo very thankful to have them in my life, and I can't wait to meet a couple of them later this year!
I am a huge fan of Lou Mongello! I first learned of him back in 2005, when I stumbled across his WDW Trivia book Volume 1 while researching information for a WDW trip. I purchased the book and spent many hours reading and testing myself! I then checked out his website, , and joined as a member of the forums (eeyore79) but did not post much until 2010, and now I post daily!! Recently, I have been a guest blogger for the site, submitting articles about Disney events in the Chicago area that I take my daughter to. Thank you so much Lou for being my inspiration each and every day to be a better person, I love that I get a "wake up" Tweet every day from you with a positive saying!
Last fall, I had discovered the WDW FanZone, run by Stuart Sternberg. I loved that some of my online Disney friends were columnists and enjoyed reading their stories and learning more about them. One night there was a new article posted that they were looking to add some new columnists to the Zone! I figured I would submit an article, what did I have to lose? I actually didn't think I would be chosen, since like I said, I was not an "outstanding" member of the Disney community. I was surprised then when Stuart wrote me back and asked if I would like to be a part of the Zone! I was so excited and replied yes! I would have a place to share every month about Disney!! I am still trying to find my personal "niche" for my articles, and am hoping to feature every month a Chicago & Disney connection! I want to thank Stuart for always replying to my emails/Tweets/Facebook posts quickly and with such a positive attitude! He reminds me of a big brother with his caring and concern!
Early last year, I found an interesting blog, The Relocated Tourist,, co-authored by Amy Falk Petermann and her husband Craig Petermann! This blog was the story of their family's decision to move from Wisconsin to Orlando, the process of moving, and then learning to live as a "relocated tourist" next to Walt Disney World! I have grown to know Amy over the past year and half and even got to meet her last August during my last visit to WDW! I am proud to call her a very dear friend and I feel she is my "Disney sister"!
I was asked to include a favorite personal blog post and chose this one! I hope you enjoy reading it! I feel it combines my Disney love and my personal feelings and goals!
Thank you Donna again for asking me to be part of your "Circle of Inspiration"! It was an honor! 

Thanks Jamie!! It was great getting to know you better!! Everyone needs to be sure and catch her great articles at the WDW Fan Zone, and follow her on Twitter and Like her on Facebook.

Have a Magical Day!!
Donna Kay

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