Thursday, May 10, 2012

Disney Party Boards...Mad Hatter Tea Party

Today’s party board will be a little different from the others we have posted.  We are expecting Ashley & Eric’s new addition to the family in August, so we are planning a Mad Hatter Tea Party baby shower.  Today we are sharing our inspiration, but in the next few weeks you will see how we take that inspiration and create the actual party.

First, let's look at the food inspiration.

Mad Hatter Tea Party Food

  1. Mini Cakes - Love these small square cakes nestled in tulip cupcake wrappers.  May make them chocolate cakes, I don't have a lot of chocolate on the menu. 
  2. Snail Sandwich - These sandwiches are so cute, easy to make with bread stick dough.  Now to figure out the right filling...
  3. Mad Hatter Cupcakes - I really need to learn how to make all these adorable figures with fondant and gumpaste.  Oh Nicole!!  She is the lady who makes all of the FABULOUS cakes at our parties.
  4. Cheese Flowers - SO EASY!! Don't you just love easy?  Just cut  white cheese slices with cookie cutters and use decorating tips to cut the centers.
  5. Cheshire Cat Tails - Ok Disney fans recognize these Cheshire Cat Tails from Walt Disney World.  I plan to recreate them with marshmallows, pink candy melts and purple sanding sugar.
  6. Mushroom Cake Pops - Gorgeous!! These cake pops look just like the real thing!! I can handle plain round ones, these may look interesting...
  7. Sugar Cookies - I am amazed at the beautiful sugar cookies I see online.  If we have decorated sugar cookies, I promise they will be be bought.
  8. Grape Caterpillars - These are made from green grapes, but I think red ones will work better or even blueberries.  The eyes are made from small dots of icing and mini chocolate chips.
  9. Alice In Wonderland Cake - Love Nicole from Shelby Cakes. She is local to me and found this design online.
  10. Lady Bug Appetizers - Made with simple ingredients, these  lady bug crackers are perfect for our food table. Make the spread ahead of time, prep the tomatoes the morning of the party.
  11. Alice In Wonderland Cupcakes - Again, I really need to lean how to make these fondant decorations.

Now for the party decor!!
 Mad Hatter Tea Party Decor

  1. Cup and Feather Centerpiece - Ashley is the feather lover in the family, but Donna Kay loves the oversized cups stacked to make this beautiful centerpiece.
  2. Tea Party Place Setting - The grass table runner is perfection, especially with the flowers tucked in.  The polka dot plates are fabulous, so are the stripped cups.  
  3. Giant Tissue Flowers - These huge tissue flowers are reminiscent of when Alice was shrank and everything looked huge.  Great addition to the party decor.
  4. Watch Faces - Don't be late for your very important date!!  These watch faces will be worked in throughout the party decor.
  5. Invitation - Ashley gets credit for finding this awesome invitation.  Not very practical if you are mailing them, but great if you're had delivering your invitations.
  6. Teapot Flower Arrangement - Teapots are great decor for this party, whether they are white or decorated in vibrant colors.  Don't forget to hide a dormouse in one.
  7. Alice's Table Skirt - Could this table skirt be any cuter!! Layers of blue tulle with a white apron!! 
  8. Fabric Chair Backs - I have been wanting to use this idea since I found it online.  Possibly a matching fabric garland too.
  9. Alice In Wonderland Signs - We will be using brightly colored signs instead of white, but we love this setup.
  10. Paper Globes and Laterns - These bright colored paper lanterns and globes are the perfect punch of color.
  11. Mad Hatter Fascinator - Hats are a must at a Mad Hatter Tea Party aren't they?  This fascinator is Ashley's choice.
We have been buying things for the past few months, and can't wait to show you how we are going to bring these ideas and more to life for Baby Eric's shower.

Have a Magical Day!!
Ashley & Donna Kay


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  2. Fabulous collection of ideas! Can't wait to see your shower photos. It's gonna be a great party!

  3. I love the grape caterpillars!!!

  4. where did u get the oversized teacups?


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