Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Did You Know...Plane Crazy

May 15, 1928
Plane Crazy  premiered as a sneak preview at a theater on Sunset Boulevard in LA.  

  • First silent short to feature Mickey & Minnie.
  • First appearance of  Carolyn whose name was later changed to Clarabelle Cow.
  • Parody of the Charles Lindbergh craze.
  • Co-directed by Walt Disney & Ub Iwerks.
  • Iwerks was the main animator for Plane Crazy, he worked on the animation for six weeks.
  • Hugh Harman & Rudolf Ising were animation assistants. They will go on to start Warner Bros. and MGM animation studios.
  • First animated film to use a camera move.
  • Sound was added to Plane Crazy and it was officially released March 17, 1929 - four months after Steamboat Willie.
  • On Mickey Mouse Clubhouse,  Mickey regularly flies the plane from Plane Crazy, which he calls the  "Toonplane".
Hope you enjoyed these fun facts about Plane Crazy!

Have a Magical Day!!
Donna Kay

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