Monday, April 2, 2012

Mentoring Mondays - Warrior or Wimp?

Gotta love April Fools Day...while cooking dinner I decided to slice off part of my finger... No Joke!!  I told my husband it would add a little more flavor to the squash casserole I was making, he didn't buy it.

So off on a fun adventure to SARAH (our local "doc in a box") who wasn't taking  anymore patients.  Next  to the ER at our small town hospital.  Of course, there is one doc on duty and there is a "situation" they are taking care of so my bloody finger was not on the priority list.  Fast forward three hours, still not called back and bleeding has stopped - just go home and go to bed, not to sleep with the finger throbbing - but to bed.
(Too bad I didn't have these cute Mickey Bandaids!! I borrowed this pic from my friend  Heidi Strawser at Heidi's Head.)

My little adventure got me to thinking...when you are sick or injured or there is a family emergency how do you handle it blogwise?  Are you a warrior who stands proud with determination to work through it or do you just wimp out and not blog for the day.

I will be honest, if it was not a Mentoring Mondays or a Disney Party Board, I would probably wimp out.  Which leads me to another realization...I probably need at least one post for each of these weekly topics ready to go so all I have to do is click "post".

I have been searching the internet this morning for an answer from the "pros" whether to post or not to post.  I haven't found anything.  So here is my best advice:

  • If you normally blog everyday and you know your followers are going to miss you write a quick post (or have a friend or family member do it for you) explaining why you are "away" for the day(s).  Your readers will definitely understand.
  • Have a blog post ready to go just in case.  All you will have to do is click post, then you can go back to taking care of yourself (see my note to self above).
  • Revisit a popular post.  Just type a quick line or two telling your readers you thought it was worth reading again.
  • Direct your readers to a favorite post from another blogger from your niche.  It is always to send a "shout out" to a friend and it won't take but a couple of minutes.
  • Ask a good friend to do a guest post for you.  Another good reason to be active in the blogging community.
  • If your situation calls for several days away, be honest with your readers - they will understand.  We have a strong bond with or readers and they all know life happens - sick kids, sick you, family emergencies.
  • Let you readers know in advance when you are going on vacation.  They will be happy to visit again when you return and find out how much fun you had.
So are you a Warrior or a Wimp in this situation, I would love to hear - just leave a comment below.

Have a Magical Day!!
Donna Kay


  1. Haha. I'm a blogging wimp even without an emergency to deal with.

    I hope your finger is feeling better now. How'd the casserole turn out? :)

  2. Thanks Lucinda! Finger is better, just terrified I am going to bump it and have it start bleeding again. Didn't make the casserole, got home a little too late for that. Chicken noodle soup for me, medicine for the soul. :)


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