Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Disney Party Board - UP Party

Who didn't fall in love with Disney's "UP" the first time they saw it? It fun for all ages, so we thought, "let's do an UP inspired party board!"

I have a confession to make - I cry during the "Ellie & Carl Montage" in the beginning of the movie EVERY time.  I also cry when Carl finds the message from Ellie telling him "Thanks for the go have a new one."

Use anything inspired by balloons, and you're heading in the right direction with this party!  Make a balloon wreath, throw water balloons, rent a hot air balloon - whatever you feel up to!

Remember how the dogs in the movie went crazy when they saw a squirrel? Have the kids play "Squirrel" by tossing a stuffed squirrel to each other while music plays, the one holding the squirrel when the music stops is out. ( It's a modern-day "Hot Potato!")

Then do a fun game of "Pin the Balloons on the House" or a Wilderness Explorer Scavenger Hunt with grape soda caps, dog collars, tennis balls and deflated balloons for the kids to find.  You can even have a merit badge award ceremony at the end of the day.

Be sure to send the kids home with their very own Adventure Book to fill with great memories of the day.

UP Party Board

  1. Marshmallow Pops - These dipped marshmallows covered in colorful sprinkles are so cute and easy.  They are a big hit at every party I have - with both kids and adults!!
  2. Balloon Wreath - This balloon wreath is the perfect way to welcome guests to your party.  I especially love that the age of the birthday girl was included, you could also go with a monogram instead of the age.
  3. Wilderness Explorer Badges - These printable badges are just like Russell's and they are so versatile.  Use them as cupcake toppers, dividers between words on a birthday banner or have guests collect them by playing games. You could even recreate a Wilderness Explorer Sash for decoration.
  4. UP Dessert Table - Who wouldn't love to see this dessert table at their party?  I love all of these attention to details!! Popcorn - a perfect snack if you show the movie at the party.  Tootsie Pop - the perfect accent to this balloon table.  Colorful Izzie Pop in assorted flavors for the kids to drink.  A gorgeous cake and your marshmallow pops are the perfect finishing touch to this fabulous table.
  5. Wilderness Explorer Emblems - Love these Wilderness Explorer emblems, they can be used in the same way you use the WE Badges.  
  6. Luggage Displays - I love old suitcases!! Here they are the perfect display case for Adventure Book party favors.  Remember the older and more worn they look the better.
  7. Ellie Grape Soda Badges - Jen's Own Road created these cute badges and has a tutorial on her blog.  They are simple to make, and I think make the party complete.  I know I would be honored to be presented with an Ellie Badge.
  8. UP Cupcakes - Chocolate cupcakes with a cloud of white icing topped with a big bundle of balloons.   They certainly scream UP don't they?
  9. Candy Filled Balloon Cups - So sweet and simple.  Fill a plain white cup with M&M's or Skittles, Tie a balloon to a straw and place in the center to the cup - can't get much easier than that.
  10. Wilderness Explorer Pennant - Orange felt combined with a small dowel and a WE emblem (from #5 above) equals a great WE Pennant to use as a pop of color in centerpieces or as a party favor for your guests.
  11. Clouds of Jello - Inexpensive, simple to make, and a big WOW factor on your dessert table.  For younger kids you may want to consider making these in clear plastic cup though.
  12. Ellie Badges - I loved this presentation of the Ellie Badge (see #7) as a "Thank You" for attending the party.
  13. Adventure Book - I loved Ellie's Adventure Book from the movie.  This Adventure Book is the perfect party favor to encourage kids to find adventure in every day. This PDF file includes the pages for the book and detailed instructions.  Don't forget to display them in your luggage (see #6).
  14. UP Cake - This cake is great for your party with the balloons and house, but when you cut into it and see a rainbow of layers it is absolute perfection.
  15. Russell's Wilderness Explorer Uniform - Have your birthday boy (or girl) channel their inner Russell in this great WE uniform.  Chariots of Ire blogs about making this uniform to wear for the Disneyland Half-Marathon.  She gives great details on how she made the badges and how the uniform came together.
Ellie & Carl's mailbox scene is another favorite of mine.  You could recreate the mailbox and place it in front of the house for the day to set the tone for the party.  I found white mailboxes online for between $15-$20, you could even have the kids use finger paint to decorate the mailbox with their hand prints.

Hope you enjoyed today's UP Party Board.  Have you had an UP inspired party? We would love to see pictures.  

Have a Magical Day!!
Ashley & Donna Kay


  1. Really cool ideas here. I love the sky jello...looks so easy to make. I have a feeling though...that mine wouldn't look as lovely. ;)

    1. Lucinda, the great thing about Jello is it's cheap, so you can always throw it out and start all over.

  2. You have lots of easy to do great ideas here. Great inspiration.

    1. Thanks so much! I really appreciate your stopping by today!! :)


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