Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Disney Party Boards - Lilo and Stitch Luau

Don't you love this weather we have right now?! Well we surely do; it put us in the perfect mood for a Lilo and Stitch Birthday Luau.

Use bright tropical colors for your Lilo and Stitch party decor. Play some Elvis music in the background, then try to see who can hula dance the best to it. You can also set up a limbo activity to see who can go "down low." This would be the perfect party for outdoors. You could have tiki lanterns everywhere and go with the Hawaiian theme. As soon as your guests arrive, make sure to present them with a lei. You mustn't forget to greet each person with a welcoming "Aloha!"

Lilo and Stitch Luau Board

  1. Fruit Skewers - Kids of all ages love fruit, these fruit skewers are fun, colorful and delicious!
  2. Surf Board Cupcakes - These fondant surfboards are almost too cute to eat...almost.
  3. Lei & Headband - No luau is complete without a lei for each guest.  Girls of all ages will love these matching headbands too.
  4. Scrump - This Scrump Snack is adorable!! It's made from rice, cheese, fruit and pasta.
  5. Tropical Sunglasses - With sunglasses you can go with the cool Wayfarer's that Lilo and Stitch donned in the movie, but these bright tropical shades are a great alternative.
  6. Jello Oranges - Everybody loves Jello - it's inexpensive, it jiggles, and it's pretty.  These Jello Orange Slices are easy to do and taste great too.
  7. Hula Cupcakes - Clear cupcake pedestals are used to make these adorable hula skirt cupcake stands.  Love the addition of the Hibiscus too.
  8. Ducky Party Favors - Clear treat bags with jelly beans in white and shades of blue, topped with a cute tropical rubber ducky are great party favor for younger kids.
  9. Luau Table Setting - I love all of the bright colors of this table!! Instead of the coconut monkey centerpiece, substitute a large stuffed Stitch.  For boys just switch the pinks for bright orange, green or blue.
  10. Nutter Butter Flip Flops - These cookies are so simple yet so perfect!!
  11. Aloha Bucket Party Favor - Take a simple beach pail, add some sun tan lotion, a cute pair of flip flops and a beach towel then you have a great party favor for tweens and teens.
  12. Drink Umbrella Wreath - This drink umbrella wreath is a great way to greet your guests as they arrive and set the perfect mood for the party.
  13. Lilo & Stitch Cake - I love the nod to Lilo's dress and the waves crashing up onto the top beach layer of this cake.  Simply perfect.
  14. Dessert Table - I think the grass skirting and plastic lei decoration make this dessert table complete.  The paisley background could easily be changed to a beach scene or surf boards for boys.
  15. Lilo & Stitch Inflatable - Let's face it - kids love inflatables and what a fun  activity to add to the party.
  16. Hula Lessons - What a great idea, Hula lessons for everyone attending the party.  Many of the hand movements of the hula are words that tell a story, a great way to teach the kids a little about the Polynesian culture.
  17. Lilo & Stitch Invitation - You can search Etsy and the internet for this cute invitation and many more.
  18. Lilo Limbo - Can you have a luau without a limbo contest?  I didn't think so.
Another fun activity for your attendees could be a coconut relay race. Have the party goers form 2 equal lines, one behind the other.  The first person in line passes a coconut to the person behind them through their legs, the next person passes it behind them over their head, the next person under their arm, each person in a different way to the end of the line.  Remember, if the coconut get dropped, the team must start all over again.  The first team to successfully get the coconut to the last person wins.

Have fun planning your luau and please tell us about it.

Aloha, and Have a Magical Day!!
Ashley & Donna Kay


  1. Awesome! We actually had a luau for my son's first birthday party because he LOVES to dance around to the Lilo & Stitch music! I wish I had taken more pictures the day of the party, everything looked great!

    1. How fun Melissa!! Doesn't everyone love to to dance around to Lilo and Stitch music??

  2. We are having a Luau to celebrate the end of school and you have some amazing ideas here! I can't wait to try them out!


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