Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Disney Party Board - Little Chef Party

This week's Little Chef Party is inspired by Ratatouille. If you are having a slumber party be sure to have the kids watch the movie in their pajamas, it's a favorite at our house!!

Remy is sure to appreciate it if you have some french bread and cheese on hand for everyone to enjoy.  Add some French decorations to the mix, maybe the Eiffel Tower or a bistro sign, and you are ready to party.

Little Chef Party Board

  1. Chef Hat - Every Little Chef deserves their own hat!! See the tutorial below for using coffee filters and cupcake wrappers to personalize them.
  2. Rolling Pin Invitation - Some of the cutest invites I have ever seen!! The party details are on the paper wrapped around the rolling pin and sealed with a round sticker.  Of course these invitations would have to be delivered by hand, but they are so cute and personal.
  3. Make Your Own Pizza - All kids love pizza, and they taste even better when they get to play Chef and make them on their own.  Be sure to have green pepper, mushrooms and olives around for the kids to add along with the pepperoni and cheese.  You can find premade pizza crust at your local grocery store to make prep time easier.
  4. Mini Cupcake Fondue - Be sure to display  the cupcake decorations in the brightly colored cups, the kids will love using them.  The recipe for the icing fondue is included in the link.
  5. Hats and Aprons - Display the Chef Hat and Aprons for the kids to get when they arrive.  For younger kids, you can personalize them before they arrive.  For older kids they could personalize their own, be sure to see the link below.
  6. Chef Mustaches - Be sure not to leave out the little guys at the party, have cardstock mustaches ready for them to try out.  Annie's Treasure Trove has some cute mustaches you can download here.
  7. Fruit Kabobs - Kids love fruit, and it's a great healthy alternative to a lot of party snacks.  Have bowls of assorted colorful fruit set out with wooden skewers for your party goers to make their own fruit kabobs.
  8. Cookie Decorating Table - Have prepared cookies plated with icing and decorations displayed down the middle of the table.  Everyone will be able to easily reach the sprinkles and sugars.
  9. Candy Cupcakes - These colorful candies are displayed perfectly in these homemade cupcake wrappers thanking everyone for attending the party.  They make cute, but inexpensive treats to take home.
  10. Personalized Cupcake Baking Set - If you are keeping the party small with just a few close friends, these personalized canvas bags filled with baking tools make a great favors.  Possibly use them as a scavenger hunt prize if there are more than 6 guests at the party or your budget could easily get out of control.
  11. Cupcake Decorating Tools - Older kids are going to love having a set of decorating supplies to use for themselves.  Precolor the icing and fill decorator bags with icing and a variety of tips.  You could have them measure and bake cookies or cupcakes themselves, with adult supervision of course.
  12. Chef Hat & Rolling Pin Cupcakes - These fondant chef hats and rolling pins are the perfect decoration for this party.  Check with a local bakery and have them recreate the decorations, or the entire cupcakes if you prefer.
  13. Ratatouille Cake - Love this cake and it is the perfect way to tie Ratatouille to the party.
Personalized Chef Hats
One Charming Party hosted an adorable baking party where the party guests personalized their Chef Hats using adhesive letters and flowers made of coffee filters and cupcake liners.  The party was so wonderful she was featured on Amy Atlas with a tutorial on how to personalize the hats.

Hope you enjoyed today's party!! Let us know if you have ever hosted a Little Chef or Ratatouille party, we would love to see pictures!!

Have a Magical Day!!
Ashley & Donna Kay


  1. Thanks Kathy!! These party boards are lots of fun to do, kinda like a virtual party. :)

  2. Thank you so much Donna Kay for featuring my Rolling Pin Invitations...what a great surprise! You made my day :)

    1. You are so very welcome!! I thought they were adorable!!


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