Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Disney Party Board - Pixie Hollow Party

As promised, Ashley is joining in to help me bring some great Disney Party ideas to you.  Today's party is all about Tinker Bell and her friends in Pixie Hollow.

 Pixie Hollow Party Board
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Pixie Hollow is a magical home to Tinker Bell and her fairy friends, located in the whimsical depths of Neverland. In order to recreate this wondrous place, you'll need to have some greenery - the more the better. Tink and her fairy friends live in everything from tree trunks, to flowers, to moss covered bushes - so you can get really creative when designing your table setting. As far as party favors go, I would get some pixie sticks to pass out to the little fairies in attendance. And what's a Pixie Hollow Fairy without her wings? You can find these wings almost anywhere, as well as matching tutu's. If you're in a crafty mood, make these fairy wands listed below. Aren't they adorable?! 

Fairy Wand
Here's a link to the tutorial to make these cute wands.

When I think of a Pixie Hollow Party, I think of the outdoors - but if you want to host an indoor party here are a few ideas. Hang some pom poms, they always add some spruce to a party setting. Still get some greenery and add balloons -every kid loves balloons! A popular thing  is hanging them upside down from the ceiling. It's easier without the hassle of getting helium, and looks very festive! I would go with greens, purples, and pinks for the color palette. 

Links to all the items from the Pixie Hollow Party Board.

  1. Tinker Bell Invitation
  2.  Everblossom Cupcakes
  3. Do You Believe
  4. Woodland Food Display
  5. Table Setting
  6. Gumdrop Snails & Mushrooms
  7. Pixie Dust
  8. Pixie Dust Necklace
  9. Tinker Bell Cake
  10. Fairy Marshmallows
  11. Fruit Kabobs
  12. Fairy Wings & Tutus
I hope you all enjoyed my first installment of Disney Party Boards! I look forward to adding more ideas each week. 

Have a Magical Day!



  1. I love these ideas! That cake is gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Beth! The cake is amazing!! I found a lot of Tinker Bell/Pixie Hollow cakes online, but this one blew me away!!

  3. STUNNING photos! Love your boards!! Too bad I already got my tutu for the Tinker Bell Half :((

  4. Thank you :D!! They have some gorgeous tutu's on Etsy, just in case you need one for the Princess Half Marathon.

  5. How can you ever eat a cake like that? Too pretty to cut into. :)

  6. I know exactly what you mean!! I would bet it cost a fortune too!!

  7. Love all your boards!! Would love it if someone would throw me a Pixie Hollow Party!!What a magical theme!

    1. I know Deb! Come on down to Alabama and I will plan you for both of us!!


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