Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Disney Party Board - Jake And The Never Land Pirates Party Board

Jake and the Never Land pirates is a new craze to hit toddlers (oh who am i kidding- all Disney-fanatics alike). If you aren't familiar with the program, it revolves around a group of three children (two boys and a girl) who are pirates in Never Land looking for treasure. Could there be a better party theme for a little boy?

You'll need to create a Never Land feel for the background and decor. It's similar to last week, with more of a masculine touch. You could go with the greenery whimsical approach or have pirate ships/treasure maps/skulls everywhere. Me personally, I'd get a kick out of doing a party completely decked out as if you were on a pirate ship.

When your little pirates arrive, pass out bandannas, eye patches, and rolled up treasure maps.  You can have them search for gold Doubloons (Jake and his friends earn these through their adventures). They can be little goody bags filled with gold coins! Following that excitement, you could have them "walk the plank."

Food is where you can get really creative. I found the cutest pirate-ship sea snacks online - all you need to do is submerge an orange into some blue jello, then shove a flag in it...viola! Cake pops are always a must when it comes to partys; you can decorate them to look like little pirates perfectly. You could also make some pirate subs, and have the kids chase them down with some crocodile blood (aka red kool aid).

Jake and the Never Land Pirates Party Board
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Have a magical day!

Donna Kay and Ashley


  1. That's a great idea -- I love Jake and the Neverland Pirates, my guys are a little big for this idea but maybe I could change a few things for there age group..

  2. Diane, you could change it up to Pirates of the Caribbean...

  3. I need to know how to make a party board! This is so cool! :)

  4. Love every idea here, though the table set up is really impressive!

    1. I love that the food is served in the boxes, easy clean up I think. Maybe Ashley will have a boy and I can have a Pixie Hollow Party followed by a Pirate Party!!

  5. Donna Kay do u do this? How much do u charge?

    1. Hi Dallana, I don't do parties myself just try to give my readers some inspiration for planning their parties. There are links to everything on the party board so you can find where to purchase or make it. Good luck with your party!!

  6. Donna Kay do u do this? How much do u charge?

  7. Donna Kay do u do this? How much do u charge?


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