Monday, January 16, 2012

Did you know...

January 16, 1890 Edna Francis was born in Reece, KS. Times were tight so Edna and her siblings started working at a young age.  Edna's younger brother worked as a bank teller and introduced her to his co-worker, Roy O. Disney.  

Edna remembers "My brother brought Roy home and they took me and my sister to a dance.Roy had only had two dance lessons; he wasn't very good."  Despite the fact that Roy wasn't exactly light on his feet, a romance blossomed.  

The two had planned to marry after Roy's stint with the Navy during WWI was over.  Plans changed when Roy was diagnosed with tuberculosis and had to spend several years in military hospitals in New Mexico, Arizona and finally California.

In 1923 Walt moved to Hollywood and Roy left the hospital and together they opened the "Disney Brothers Studio."  Shortly thereafter Roy wrote to Edna and she moved to California, the two were  married in April 11,1925.  She  gave birth to their only child, Roy E. Disney  on January 10, 1930.

"Mother was a true partner with my father.  She traveled with him around the world to visit colleagues.  When they came to Burbank, she'd cook them chicken  dinner at our home.  After serving in her kitchen, she usually encouraged them to help wash the dishes after eating.  She was good friends with many Disney employees; she had a unique gift for understanding people."  Roy E. Disney

Edna Disney passed away on December 18, 1984 at the age of 94. She was inducted as a Disney Legend in 2003.

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