Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Tips - Christmas Cupcakes

I challenge you to find someone who doesn't love cupcakes...I think this is an impossible task. They are cute and small and delicious, and you can make them in hundreds of flavor combinations!! They have definitely been all the rage for a couple of years now.  Another plus, they are really easy to make, and you can keep some on hand for those unexpected guests, or to give as presents to friends and coworkers.  Today I am sharing some great Christmas Cupcake ideas you can make yourself this holiday season. 

(You can order these from Pink Cake Box, but they would be simple to replicate.)

I hope that these will inspire you  to bake a few cupcakes for the family this Christmas Season. If you are not a baker, just pick some up at the local bakery to share!!

Merry Christmas!!
Donna Kay


  1. I love every single one of these - so cute!! We are a cupcake family and if we could, without gaining any weight, we would have cupcakes ALL the time! Thanks for sharing these!

  2. Thanks Beth!! You do such a great job of cake decorating I am sure your cupcakes are AMAZING!!

  3. Cupcakes are definitely my weakness!! We have a Gigi's Cupcakes opening in the next few days and I can't wait!!

    My only problem is I can't make them as pretty as the pictures you posted! ;\

  4. A Gigi's just opened in Montgomery, I'm gonna have to check it out while I am Christmas shopping.


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