Monday, November 7, 2011

Mentoring Mondays - Kathleen Kelly - The Many Adventures of a Disney-Lovin' Spectrum Mom

This week I am very proud to have Kathy Kelly of The Many Adventures of a Disney-Lovin' Spectrum Mom here.  You probably know her from her blog or possibly her column on the WDW Fan Zone, or even her loop on the Magical Blogorail.  As you can see, we definitely run in the same Disney circles.  

Twitter: @KathyKellyRN

1.            Introduce yourself and describe your blog.
Hi Donna; thanks for inviting me to participate in Mentoring Mondays!
My name is Kathy Kelly and the name of my blog is The Many Adventures of a Disney-Lovin’ Spectrum Mom. I live in the Garden State with my husband and two children; our fifteen year-old daughter and our thirteen year-old son who has classic Autism. (Thus I am a “Spectrum Mom.”)
Our entire family fell in love with Walt Disney World in 2003 and I'm never happier than when planning our next Disney adventure! I'm an RN part-time, a mom full-time, and a blogger  whenever I can find the time!  My blog has two themes, both of which have deeply affected my life: Autism and Walt Disney World.
2.         What inspired you to start blogging?
I began blogging in September of 2009. At first, it was my aim to blog about a book-in-progress. I soon found, however, that I enjoyed talking about Disney and Autism more than about the process of writing.
3.         What do you think is the best way to attract new readers/followers?
I think the best way to do this is to not think about it and let it happen naturally. My grandmother always said, “If you want to get a friend, you have to be a friend.” Take an interest in other people’s blogs and try to give them positive feedback – I follow about twenty-four blogs via Google Reader. Many times you will find that by following another blogger they will follow your blog in return.
4.         How often do you post? What is the importance of posting frequently?
I don’t have a set schedule for posting; but obviously it’s important to maintain a steady posting routine – otherwise readers will lose interest. I try to post once or twice a week.
5.         How important is finding your niche? Any tips for someone struggling to find theirs?
I don’t think a blogger can find his or her niche – the niche has to find them! The most commonly-given advice given to new writers is “write what you know.” The same is true about blogging. There are many fine bloggers out there.  Many of them focus on a particular interest or hobby that they relate to their love of Disney, such as cooking, photography or scrapbooking. Others are built upon enthusiasm for Disney history, movies, or artwork. Take what you know; take what you like and write about that.
6.         How important is social networking (Twitter/Facebook) to blogging?  Any advice on getting followers/likes?
 I’m personally more active on Twitter, although I do have a Facebook Page for the Disney-Lovin’ Spectrum Mom blog. Both are great ways to meet and connect with other Disney fans/bloggers. For example, I first learned about the Magical Blogorail via Twitter. Being a member of a blogging group introduces you to many blogs you might never have noticed otherwise and does the same for your blog in return.
7.         How important are labels/tags, and do you have any advice on choosing labels/tags for posts?
I give posts one or two labels to assist with reader searches. Simply pick the category that seems to fit best!
8.         What is your favorite event at Disney?  Why?
I’m sure that I’m not alone when I say I love the Christmas Season at Walt Disney World! Christmas and Disney are two of my favorite things. Put them together and you have the perfect recipe for magic!
9.         Do you have a Disney Vacation tip you would like to share with our readers?
Planning and research are important, but so is flexibility. Be prepared to toss the plan if the situation warrants it and don’t forget to build in time for rest and relaxation. Everyone will have a much better time if you do!
10.            Anything you would like to add?
Yes. Don’t think about likes or followers when writing your blog. Success is not about the numbers. Write stuff you think your readers will find interesting, entertaining and informative and you will succeed as a blogger. Good luck and welcome to the Disney Blogosphere!
Thank you for having me, Donna!

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