Monday, October 10, 2011

Mentoring Mondays - Best of August

In keeping with last week, I am featuring my favorite questions and answers from the month of August.  A huge thank you to each of the Mentors and to each of you for your support of Mentoring Mondays.

Stuart - WDW Fan Zone
What is the biggest mistake most new bloggers make?
 I think the biggest mistake most new bloggers make is that they will make one or two posts to their blog and then disappear for weeks before returning with a new post.  For a blogger to be relevant and build a readership they have to regularly post new articles.

Beth Doda - Pursuing the Magic & The Magical Blogorail
How important is it for bloggers to network with each other?
I think networking with other bloggers is very important.  Bringing so many people together does a couple of things.  First, it gives readers several different perspectives on one topic.  On the Magical Blogorail, we have family blogs, mom blogs, photo blogs, food blogs, some are based in Disney World, and some in Disneyland and many more.  Therefore, when we discuss a topic, you will read about it from many different angles.  Not only will you get a lot of information, but also our personal stories and experiences that go along with that.  We also have created a community where we have become a resource for each other, and members feel comfortable asking each other for advice, asking for information or sharing successes.

Chad - Days in the Park
What attributes do you think make a good blogger?
 I'm kind of piggy-backing what I just said a little bit, but I think one of the best attributes a blogger can have is to just be themselves.  Readers are pretty smart, and they can easily tell  if someone is being themselves in their writing and I think they respond to that.  Inject as much of yourself and your personality into what you write and you'll never go wrong with what you're trying to convey.  I also think bloggers need to knowledgeable as well about their source material.  As a blogger, you owe it to your readers to be as correct in what you say as you can.  Also, for me, it's really important (and it may just be me)  that you write as professionally as you can. I go to a lot of trouble and re-read what I write several times to make sure my spelling, grammar and structure are all correct.  When I'm reading other blogs, I notice things like that right away, so I try to do the best I can to make mine what I'm looking for in others' writing.  I think that's really important to make your blog match up to what you want to see in others' work.  We're not perfect, and we don't have to be, but it doesn't hurt to strive for it!

Beth - A Disney Mom's Thoughts
You are a mom of 2 and a Youth Minister for your church and still find time to blog you must be very organized, any organization tips for us?
This question makes me laugh because I am made fun of often at work and home for how organized I am.  I have multiple calendars, to do lists, files, binders and spreadsheets going at all times. My organization tips are 1) have a calendar and write everything on it-when you have appointments, parties, dates, meetings, birthdays, ect.  I even write on my calendar when special events are at WDW so I will remember to blog about it at the right time!  2) Keep your computer organized.  Utilize folders and create good file names so they are easy to find in the future.  3) Stay on top of things and don't let things get too out of hand (housework, shopping, couponing, laundry, yardwork, ect.)  Do a little each day or week and don't put it off until it is too big to handle.  4) Once all your "life stuff" is under control, take time to write several blog posts at once and either schedule them to post or keep them to edit before you're ready to post.

I hope you will go back and re-read some of the Mentoring Mondays posts and ACT on them.  I know I had forgotten how much good information is there.  Thanks again to all of the Mentors for your contribution to Mentoring Mondays, but more importantly for your Friendship!! 

Have a Magical Day!!
Donna Kay


  1. A wealth of terrific info!!! Thanks to all for the refresher course :D

  2. What a great resource your Mentoring Mondays are Donna. I've learned quite a bit reading them. They speak to so many important issues. Thank you all!!!

    Deb @ Focused on the Magic

  3. I cannot tell you all how much I appreciate your support for Mentoring Mondays!! Thanks for stopping by. {HUGS}


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