Saturday, October 29, 2011

#5 - Gaston - Beauty and the Beast

I know some will be scratching their heads wondering "Why would Gaston be in the top five?"  #1. He is a conceited narcissist who is determined to marry Belle, despite the fact that she thinks of him as a brainless boor.  #2. He is willing to have Maurice thrown into the asylum in an attempt to force Belle to marry him.  #3. He is determined to kill the Beast to hang on his wall with his other trophies, even though Bell has proven he is kind and gentle.  The reality is his selfish, macho, rude behavior is not only disgusting to Belle, it ultimately contributes to his demise.

Beauty and the Beast  was definitely a favorite of Ashley's, we have watched this movie countless times, I can't wait to watch it with Lexi. We can show her exactly what type of guy to avoid at all costs!!  Hope you enjoyed the video!!  Have a Magical Day!!
Donna kay

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