Thursday, September 29, 2011

Disney Blog Hop - The Plaza

Hi! It's time for this week's Disney Blog Hop, hosted by Lisa of Babes In Disneyland.  The theme this week is Food That Makes You Happy...

During our recent visit to Walt Disney World we had lunch at The Plaza on Main Street.  It was like going back to a simpler time, with it's turn of the century decor and classic soda shop menu.  I have to tell you my sandwich was wonderful but the brownie sundae I had for dessert was DELICIOUS!! It's often overlooked, but you should really check it out for the next time you visit the Magic Kingdom.  The Mayor even stopped in to chat with everyone while we were there.

I dare you to walk into Goofy's Candy Company and not smile! The bright, cheerful colors and nostalgic candy turn you into a kid again.  This is where I chose to spend our snack credits before we left for home.  Dipped Pretzels, Cake Pops, Caramel Pecan Patties, Cupcakes, Brownies & Fudge all found their way back to Alabama with me.  Well most some of it made it home...

I'm off to have some chocolate now!!  Have a Magical Day!!

Donna Kay

1 comment:

  1. You're right about the Plaza being overlooked. I didn't even notice it my first few trips to WDW. But Goofy's Candy Co...we never miss stopping there!


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