Thursday, September 22, 2011

Disney Blog Hop - Happiness!!

Hi everyone! I love Thursdays and the Disney Blog Hop hosted by Lisa of Babes in Disneyland!!  The theme this week is Happiness...there may not be enough room here everything Disney makes me happy!!!

OK, after careful consideration I have made a list of SOME of the things that make me HAPPY!!

Wishes - I love these fireworks!!
Blog Hop - What a fabulous way to connect with my Disney Blogging Family!
Walt Disney World Sign - Do you know anyone who doesn't smile when the see that sign??
Fabulous Disney Friends - I love having friends who understand my Disney obsession!!
Peter Pan's Flight - Hands down, my family's favorite WDW ride.
Disney Movies - Of course I had to show Sleeping Beauty on the collage, duh.
Walt Disney - Undeniably one of the most interesting, intelligent people EVER...
Disney Nerds - A new found piece of happiness in my little world, I really NEED this Vinylmation.
Disney Villains - You can't have a hero without a villain, and nobody else does villains better than Disney!

There you have it, just  a few of the things that me very happy from Disney.  Oh and one more thing - Happy Endings...


  1. YES! Lots of happiness in that list.

  2. I love Peter's Pan Flight too! Though last time we went down, I had to pass it for the line was so long and we had to go the Haunted Mansion. ALWAYS NEXT TIME!:) Great list of happiness though!:)


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