Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tuesday's Tips - Switching Web Browsers

Today's Tuesday Tips is compliments of A Mommy's Blog Design Studio. It was originally posted on April's website on February 19, 2011. It is used here with April's permission.

Switching Web Browsers Internet Explorer to Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox

Okay... so I am one of the few people left on this planet that is (was) still using IE Internet Explorer. I've heard from other people that Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome is much better. I was completely happy with my IE until I started blog designing. With IE when I would edit the HTML Codes for blogs the screen would jump around. It was irritating and I would loose my place where I was working on. Also when I installed a Favicon for a customer I could not see it. IE does not allow me to see the favicons. I was fed up so I decided to look into switching.

I really had no idea which one I was going to switch to and I was SCARED to make the switch. I've been using IE since middle school and I don't have time to learn how to use a new web browser plus I have a ton of bookmarks I didn't want to loose. I checked out Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Both of them had awesome features but I guess what sold me on Google Chrome was that it said "Installs in Seconds". Mozilla Firefox may too... not sure but it was clear as day on Google Chrome and that was what I needed "Installs in Seconds".

My heart was pounding before I pressed the "Download Google Chrome" button but I eventually did. It literally only took seconds. As I began searching the web and opening windows I was completely amazed. I kept thinking to myself "Why didn't I do this sooner?!?!" Using the web now is super fast. It almost feels like it knows what I am thinking before I type it in. Switching from one website to another was amazingly fast. I thought my internet connection was slow or my computer did not have enough RAM (something like that) but all I needed was to get rid of IE. I am so happy and in LOVE with Google Chrome. Even the picture quality looks better. When I am typing a new post and misspell a word the red squiggly line (like in MS Word) will show. Normally I have to click the little green check-mark above my post to check for misspelled words but not anymore. I can right-click on the red squiggly line and it will give me options of what I would like to change that word to. I can see all of my favicons and when I am editing HTML Codes my screen does not jump around anymore. All my bookmarks were there to. The other great thing is that my IE was still on my computer so in case I needed to I could switch back and forth between the two.

If you are still using IE Internet Explorer then you may want to consider switching to Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Switching was completely painless and they are so much more user friendly. If you are using Mozilla Firefox I would love to hear what you think about it. I may switch to it later to see what it's all about. I am so glad I made the change and still asking myself "Why didn't I do this sooner?!?!"

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  1. I love my Chrome and Firefox. I still have IE on my desktop but never use it. I found Chrome to be better for editing and posting to my blog. Firefox is better for general browsing. With Firefox you can "get under the hood" and add goodies. I added an RSS feed ticker tape banner at the bottom that keeps me up to the minute on my feeds. Why not keep use them all?
    Deb @ Focused on the Magic


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