Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday's Tips - Organizing Your Closet

If you're anything like me all of your house is nice and tidy, with the exception of the master bedroom walk in closet. It drives me nuts, I don't even know where to begin. This has led me to researching the internet for closet organization tips. Here are some of my favorite tips, maybe when I actually have my closet neat and organized I will post pictures...

1. Take everything out of the closet and separate it into three piles.
     A. Clothes I love to wear.
     B. Clothes that make me feel attractive.
     C. Clothes to donate or throw away.

2.  Separate the clothes you love to wear into categories.
     A. Leisure
     B. Work
     C. Special Occasion

3.  It's time to tackle the donate/purge clothes. If the clothes are in good shape, no holes or stains, put them in a box to donate to Goodwill, Salvation Army, ect.  If clothes are in disrepair trash them, and never donate undergarments or swimsuits.

4.  Now go back to your keep clothes and be brutally honest with yourself, do they fit? If they are 2 sizes too small, or you haven't worn them in the last year get rid of them. It's hard to do you have a lot invested in your wardrobe but once you see the results you will be happy you made the choice to purge. Assuming the clothes are in good shape add them to your donate box.

5. Take the donation box of clothes to the charity of your choice right away.  It gets rid of the temptation to keep unnecessary items, and frees space in your closet.

6.  Get rid of those wire hangers! Give them to the local dry cleaners of you can't the thought of throwing them away. Buy  Lucite hangers in a single color to give your closet a unified, more organized look.

7. While the closet area is empty clean it out. Dust and vacuum, get rid of anything items you don't need in the closet.

8.  Now it's time to restock the closet.  I hang dress clothes and choose to fold casual items and put them on a shelf. Hang your special occasion clothes in the back of the closet, you wear them the least. Next put all bottoms (jeans, slacks, shorts, ect.) together in like colors - all black pants together, all jeans together. Next, move on the the tops and continue until you have all your wardrobe back in the closet.

9. I put all my shoes in a hanging shoe organizer, dress shoes on one side and casual on the other. The shoes I wear the most closest to the top.

10. Accessories, I wear lots of costume jewelry and use my hanging zippered bag to store it. The pockets are clear, which makes it easy for me to find what I want.  I hang scarves halfway over a hanger, color coordinated.

11. Now for the hard part, get into the habit of putting things back where you got them from.  I am always great for the first week or two, them my old habits come back to haunt me.

If you have any closet organization tips please leave a comment below.  Have a Magical Day!!

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  1. These are great tips! I sort my closet by color... it looks like a rainbow, but it works for me. Oh, and I have the door shoe organizer as well, but I have a lot of shoes. So, I also have a rubbermaid tote in the bottom of my closet that has shoes as well. I rotate the shoes from the box to the shoe organizer based on season.


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