Wednesday, August 31, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Lexi is One

Lexi is One

My granddaughter, Lexi, turned one while still in Korea. You know I had to have a first birthday party, late or not. We had a Minnie Mouse themed party. Here are pictures of Lexi with her smash cake.

She was very sweet & gentle with it at first.

She eventually figured out exactly what she was supposed to do with it!!

She LOVED the cake, and it was adorable, it matched her Minnie Mouse dress beautifully.  I will be posting more about the party in Tuesday Tips, be watching!!

Have a Magical Day!!


  1. That was just the smash cake, wait until you see the other cake!! That was buttercream, I don't know how she got it so smooth.

  2. Oh, my - how adorable! I love the smash cake - it's so cute :)

    Bitten by the Disney Bug

  3. Oh that is just too too cute!!! I love the smash cake! Looking forward to more pics:)

  4. Hi Amanda & Debs!! It tastes as good as it looks too!! I promise to post more soon.

  5. She is just adorable Donna Kay, and enjoying the cake..

  6. Perfectly sweet!

  7. She is so sweet. They leave for Ft. Campbell on Tuesday. At least they are closer than Korea this time. She has a huge sweet tooth.

  8. First of all your granddaughter is stunning! Second of all the cake is amazing! Third of all, my daughter's name is Lexi so I was so happy to see that your granddaughter and my daughter share a Hugs!

  9. Hi Kelly! First of all, I totally agree she is stunning! Second, the cake was amazing (watch next week for the "real cake"). Third, we just have fabulous taste in names, not to mention how beautiful they both are!! Hope you have a FANTASTIC long weekend!! XOXO


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