Thursday, July 7, 2011

Joy - Disney Blog Hop

Welcome to everyone stopping by from the Disney Blog Hop!! Thanks for hosting this every week Lisa, I know you are a very busy lady.  Please stop by and visit all of the Blog Hoppers this week, I know I always do. This week's topic is Joy. To be honest I really do look for happiness in all the little things everyday. I love listening to Dakota learn a new song on his guitar or watching a video of Lexi who's just learning to walk. I really find JOY in spending time with my family, and we definitely spend more quality time together on vacation than at any other time.  My Walt Disney World vacation with Mike & Dakota is approaching fast. I am very Joyous, and a little stressed (still lots to do).
Photo illustrating Walt Disney World - Lodging
Today I want to talk about the Yacht Club Resort. My friend Diane asked me "Just curious, why the Yacht Club Resort?" It got me to thinking, exactly how do all of you choose a resort? So I will tell you how we decided on The Yacht Club Resort.

First of all, Mike is not going to stay anywhere but a deluxe resort. It's that way whether we are going on a regular beach vacation or going to Walt Disney World. We take one family vacation a year and it's important to him that we "live it up" so to speak. When we went in 2003 we stayed at the Wilderness Lodge. We loved it, even had a view of the geyser from our room. I would stay there again in a minute, but this time we really wanted a different experience. We considered the Grand Floridian, but always kept coming back to the Yacht Club. We genuinely love the beach and go for our family vacation almost every year. I think the beachy element of having Crescent Lake and Storm Along Bay, as well as the nautical decor, may have been part of the appeal. I guess while I really think all of the Disney World Resorts are great, I just chose one strictly using my "gut" feeling.

Just thinking about checking in to The Yacht Club makes me very happy and Joyful. So which resorts make you happy & Joyful and how do you choose where to stay? Are you someone who has a resort home at Disney or do you stay somewhere different visit? I would really love to know. Thanks for stopping by everyone, Have a Magical and Joyful Day!!


  1. I have always wanted to stay there! Can't wait until you get back to hear all about your trip! new follower here!

  2. Great story! Because I have a dreampass for Disneyland Paris I go to one of the Disney Selected hotels most of the time. The hotel I love the most is Dreamcastle hotel, it isn't too expensive and they have a great breakfast.

    Bookgirl @ My Magical Adventures

  3. We have always wanted to stat at the sister resort - the Beach Club! We haven't stayed on Disney property yet, but our next trip we are leaning towards Coronado Springs. I would like to try most of the resorts, but if there is ever one that just feels right, we would probably stick with it!

  4. Donna, You will LOVE the Yacht Club (especially the restaurants- Beaches & Cream and the Yachtsman Steakhouse) (and Stormalong Bay, of course)! My husband also will only go deluxe- I'm longing to go "camping" at Fort Wildreness one day!!

  5. I really want to stay here! Now that we're DVC members, I'm going to try for it our next vacation. We ate breakfast at the Beach Club this time and it was fabulous, and Stormalong Bay is the best pool area on property. I'm jealous! I'm ready to go again!

  6. HI Donna Kay, I was pretty joyful to have you mention me in your post today, thank you. When I asked you that question the same thought came into my mind. How do people chose.Our list somewhat smaller since we choose from DVC resorts. I know we usually have a list of our favorites from years past and the location of the resort followed by the pool usually decides it. Sometimes it's room size.
    I hope you have a great time, I know you will.

  7. Hi Donna Kay, I was so happy to read that your DH will only stay in a deluxe - mine too! Me, I'll stay anywhere,lol. We've stayed at the YC a few times and love it!!I hope yours is a super magical vacation! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back.

  8. Thanks everyone for stopping by, it means more to me than you know!

    Hi Nikki - checked out your blog, I'm following now! I can't wait to share all my fun with you guys! I will be tweeting while I'm there, make sure we follow each other.

    Bookgirl - I would love to see Disneyland Paris one day... Just the name Dreamcastle sounds fabulous, I want to see pictures.

    Hi Amanda!! We were torn somewhat between Yacht & Beach Club, but my son is 14 if he were young we probably would have gone with Beach Club.

    Hey my friend D! I think I'm going to have to go with the both hubbies and say Delux, I'm not a camping kinda girl LOL!

    Jana, we have b'fast reservations for Cape May while we're there, good to hear you enjoyed it. I am quite sure I will never have the honor of being a DVC member. Mike told me last night I'd better enjoy myself he wasn't going back again.

    Hey Miss Diane! I am so glad you were happy I mentioned you today! It was a great question. I know I'm gonna have a fabulous time. I'm going to be tweeting while I'm there just to make you jealous! ;p

    Hi Deb!! I know I will enjoy it, we are really just going to take it easy and see what we see. It stresses out the hubby when we have something to do every minute. I'm taking lots of pics too, I can't wait to have pictures so I can post about the park!!

  9. We've stayed at all sorts of on property resorts and ALWAYS have an amazing time. Each time we choose...we do it for a different reason. Wilderness Lodge (2x) : love the theming and convenience to MK. Poly : wanted a large room and monorail access. Grand Floridian: wanted to see what the hoopla was all about :). POFQ: loved the theming and wanted to tone down the budget so we could do MNSSHP. POP : kids wish! AKL : in love with everything about the place and heading back for trip #2 shortly :). I am a firm believer in "the magic is what you make it" ! Enjoy the Yacht Club.

  10. great post!! We usually stay wherever we can afford it at the time, but it's ALWAYS on property! One year was AKL another was All Star and the most recent was Coronado Springs. It's more important for me to just BE at WDW rather than stay at a deluxe resort. I'd rather go every year and stay at a cheaper resort rather than go every 2-3 years and stay at a more expensive one. That's just my thinking! We spend so little time at our resort anyway, sometimes I have a hard time stomaching the $350+ a night rooms!!

  11. Brilliant Post Donna Kay! Oh you must be SO excited! :D The resort you're going to looks gorgeous! :) When I go to Dlp I usually stay at either the Explorers Hotel or the Kyriad ... both are great value and beautiful!

  12. I love hearing how everyone chooses where to stay. I can't wait to get there!!


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