Tuesday, July 5, 2011

#14 - Sid Phillips - Toy Story

#14 - Sid Phillips
Sid Phillips is the "Boogy Man" for toys. His main joy in life is to torture toys and his sister Hannah. He blows toys up with M80's and straps them to rockets to blast them into space (Thank goodness Woody and the other toys were there to save Buzz), he removes parts from one toy to put them on others. He is also the one person who knows toys are really alive, how does he know? Well watch the clip below to see how Woody and the other toys decide it's time to teach Sid a lesson he will never forget. 


  1. I wonder how many "Sids" out there saw this movie and changed their ways! LOL! Toy Story is definitely a favorite around here!

  2. Thanks Melissa & Beth!! Toy Story and Monster's Inc. are definitely favorites in our house. I think Sid got what he had coming to him. LOL!


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