Thursday, June 16, 2011

Family - Disney Blog Hop

Hi to everyone returning from previous Disney Blog Hops & Nice to meet you to everyone stopping by for the first time.  Thanks to Lisa at Babes In Disneyland for hosting the blog hop each week. You should really check out her website and book if you haven't already. When you leave Disney Donna Kay today don't forget to visit the other bloggers who are Disney Hopping today!

Today's theme is Family. I thought I might introduce you to mine. I don't post personal things here very often, so indulge me.

I had my "Baby Girl" on June 11, 1987. I was a single parent, much to the disappointment of my father (Papa). She is definitely one of the best things that ever happened to me and I would do it all alone again. By the way, she is the apple of Papa's eye and she feels the same way about him. The Disney character that Ashley reminds me of the most is Ariel. She is strong and independent and determined to do things her way, no matter what. She is curious, intelligent and loves to learn new things.

Little Mermaid Wallpaper  Disney Image

Mike and I got married  December 16, 1995 after dating for 8 months. When it's right you know. I think the Disney character Mike is most like would be the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. Probably an odd choice I know, but here is my reasoning. Mike can seem a little short tempered and selfish sometimes. But, deep down he is a softie who loves us more than he wants anyone to know. He's kind of old school in feeling like showing affection is a sign of weakness. I know his heart is in the right place.
Beauty & the Beast
Dakota is my biggest unexpected blessing, he was born on June 27, 1997. Mike and I were in agreement that Ashely was going to be an only child. I took my birth control pills religiously. Well, let me tell you, it is true they don't work when you take antibiotics. God is smarter than all of us, because Dakota is the most amazing person. He is so loving, kind, generous and smart. He is somewhat shy, and is a huge fan of 60's & 70's music (disco not included). His guitar is his prized possession, and he's pretty good with it. He's probably the hardest one for me to pick out a character, but I am going to choose Simba from The Lion King. Dakota has a strong sense of responsibility even now at almost 14. He likes to have a good time and goof off, but when it comes down to it, he's always going to accept his responsibilities and do what is expected of him to the best of his abilities.
The Lion King and Horus

Donna Kay
Wow, who am I? I was born August 19, 1963 on my mother's 27th birthday. I was the "Baby Girl" (at least until Ashley took over). I come from a large family, 5 sisters, 2 brothers. We are all fiercely competitive, and love nothing more than beating each other at games. I am extremely devoted to my family and friends, you'd better not mess with them. I think quick on my feet, and I can handle whatever situation is thrown at me. But which Disney character am I most like? After much consideration, I think I am going to go with Wendy from Peter Pan. I think she was a mother figure to her brothers, Peter even wanted her to be a mother to the lost boys. She enjoyed having a good time, but she still understood that you have responsibilities you must keep. She believed that she could fly, and that all her dreams would come true. All I'm doing is waiting for Tinker Belle to come by and sprinkle some Pixie Dust, then I'm off to Neverland...

I know I was a little long winded today, I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better. Have a Magical Day!!


  1. What a wonderful post! Nice angle on the theme! :D Thank you for sharing a little about you and your family Donna Kay! :D

  2. I wonder what character my mom would have used to describe me. I'd like to think my wife would use Aladdin, but I'm thinking Mike Wazowski would be her choice:)

  3. Loved reading about your family, Donna Kay! I've got to get busy on my post. :)

  4. Deej, Mike Wazowski would have been a good choice for Dakota, he considers himself quite the comedian.

    Jana, thanks for stopping by! I would be lost without my crazy family. Ash & her family will be home from Korea in August I can hardly wait. :-)

  5. I love how you did this, what a creative way to do a family theme for the blog hop! It was nice to "meet" your family!


  6. Thanks for introducing your family and yourself. Very nice to meet you all. :o)

    You were born 1 day before me!

    Happy Friday Donna!

  7. Some pretty great people were born in August, especially the two of us, right? LOL! I feel much younger than my age, that always a good thing.

  8. I love the way you introduced everyone! I love it that you've picked a character for everyone. I'd have to sit down and think who we'd match up with, but my curiosity it piqued now!


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