Thursday, June 2, 2011

Disney Blog Hop - Disney Firsts

Hello! It's Thursday and that means Disney Blog Hop hosted by Babes In Disneyland. You should visit Lisa's blog it's full of lots of great info, especially if you have younger children. You may also want to check out her book while you are there, she is offering a discount right now.

The topic for today's Disney Blog Hop is Disney Firsts.  I thought about posting about my first Disney movie Sleeping Beauty. She is my favorite Disney Princess you know.

Then I thought I may post about the first Disney ornament I bought for my Christmas Tree, it was Mickey made of wood and hand painted. Then I thought, no that's just not right either.

Then I decided to write about my first trip to Walt Disney World. Really didn't like that idea either, you guys heard a lot about it in my The Good, The Bad and The Ugly post. Finally I decided to tell you what I am going to do for the first time when we go to Disney World next month. Thanks for the idea Beth.   ;0)
  • Pirates of the Caribbean - Love these movies, but have never ridden the ride.
  • Soarin' - We were in WDW in 2003, Soarin' opened in 2005.
  • Tower of Terror - I am not a thrill ride person, I am going out on a limb and trying this one.
  • Yacht Club Resort - Last visit we stayed at the Wilderness Lodge and loved it. This time we are changing it up and staying at the Yacht Club Resort.
  • Typhoon Lagoon/Blizzard Beach - In 2003 we were at WDW in January, not exactly waterpark weather. This time we are definitely trying them out. If you have been let me know your favorite.
  • Coral Reef - We had reservations last time, but the lovely family we were with didn't want to eat there.
  • Fantasmic - My hubby isn't much on the shows, but Dakota & I have talked him into Fantasmic this trip.
  • IllumiNations - If you read my post about my first trip you know I missed fireworks due to being sick. I am really looking forward to seeing them this time.
  • World Showcase - The day I got sick was out Epcot day last time. I am very excited about visiting all of the countries this time.
Reading all the firsts I have on my list you would think I didn't do much on my first trip wouldn't you. I can't wait to get there and blog all about it!

*Picture of Barbosa is from .
**Picture of IllumiNations is from .


  1. You can never fit everything thing in on one trip, thats why you have to go back. :o)

  2. :) Great firsts! I personally think Typhoon Lagoon is much better for Adults, but their kiddie area is lacking. If no small children are with you thats the place to be~ Blizzard Beach has a great kiddie area and Ive learned to divide our time between the two!

  3. Great list!! I'll be impressed if you can fit it all in! :) You'll love the attractions you haven't been on and Fantasmic is awesome!! I love the water parks. TL and BB are so different, but I think I like TL better!
    HAVE FUN!!

  4. I love your idea of first's you are going to do. I would have never thought of that. I'm going to make that list for the next time I go. I have never been on Soarin and that's going on the list def.

  5. Great list of firsts to do! You are so going to love Yacht Club WhoooHoo and I can see you're gonna love a lot more on that list:)

    Deb~Focused on the Magic

  6. That's a big list! Can't wait to hear all about them all when you go!! :D

  7. I can't wait to hear how many you get to cross off your list. I had quite a list going for Epcot and was only able to do about half of them... Can't wait to hear about your trip. I know i just got back, but I'm so jealous... only 44 days to go!


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