Thursday, May 12, 2011

Disney Blog Hop - Disney Decor

Good Morning! Welcome to everyone who is stopping by for the first time and Hey! to all of you who are Disney Blog Hop regulars!  I am deviating from my Disney Villains list for this Blog Hop, very unusual for me I know. I thought we would look at some of the Disney Decor I keep around me in my office at work everyday. I spend more waking hours here than at home, I may as well have some Disney Magic at work, right?

The Mickey Mouse items in my office were all given to me by my bosses, I have trained them well. They even bring me Disney souvenirs when they go on vacation! The first item is the tin from a 75th anniversary Mickey Mouse watch they gave me for secretary's day, it's the first gift I ever got from them.

The next item is my Mickey Mouse magnet. It stays on my filing cabinet. It was on my birthday cake one year. My boss joked I like the Mickey Mouse better than I liked my present (which was true, I don't even remember what my present was). Mickey is so cute flying his plane in the clouds, the propeller spins!

The last item is my Mickey Mouse picture on the wall. I came into work on a Monday and it was hanging there and there were 2 books on my desk both with Mickey on the front. The books are at home, they are filled with Disney art and old comic strips. 

So here are the pieces of Disney that keep the Magic in my life at work everyday.  Note to self: you really need to get a Mickey desk set. Now I had better get back to work! Have a Magical Day!!

P.S. These pictures were all taken with my Droid, please don't think of these as an example of my photography skills!


  1. Disney gifts are the best gifts of all!

  2. Wow! These are great! I don't have anything Disney at my work ... might be time to change that! :P

  3. I was just thinking the same thing, Manda! I know what special souvenirs I'll be looking for this trip- something for the office!

  4. It's nice having Mickey keeping me company at work every day. :)


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